Regency by Blank Quilting

May 27, 2013


Isn't it elegant? I chose to make fabric baskets and I am trying to decide where I will use them. =) 

Make sure you go check out the projects Debby and Linda made with Regency! 

It's For the Birds - Blog Hop

May 14, 2013

I am so very glad you are here today! Once again, Madame Samm has created a fun blog hop for us to participate in, wether we are on the creating side of things or just hopping along to see what other people have made.  Hasn't Mary been the perfect cheerleader to cheer us on? They both worked incredibly hard to make this blog hop a successful one. 

Ladies, I tip my hat to you both...

Here is the list of the other participants for today's blog hop.... (You are here!)

On to my project for the day! I need to share the story to explain my inspiration.  =) 

Once upon a time, my oldest son and his girlfriend found themselves expecting a baby too soon in their lives. They made the hardest and the best decision...the most selfless decision any couple could make. 

They chose life...and placed their sweet baby girl up for adoption. 

Their decision created a family....

Jens' first day as a mom
Gotcha Day! Adoption is finalized....
 Jen and Steve chose to have an open adoption. Being blessed to be able to watch my first grandchild grow up is priceless. Instead of losing a grandchild, I gained two more "kids" for  my own family. 

I chose to make my project a Mother's Day gift to Jen...The perfect mom for Brooklyn....Who waited many years to have a child of her own. I know she would say Brooklyn was

worth the wait...

The dress is one that Brooklyn wore when she was a wee tiny babe. =) This next weekend, we will be traveling to see Brooklyn participate in her first dance recital and I will be able to give Jen her Mother's Day gift myself. 

I am sure there will be tears....

I love you, Jen...

Mini Blog Hop featuring the Madeline Collection by Blank Quilting

May 13, 2013

My friend Debby@Debby Kratovil Quilts contacted Linda@Buzzing and Bumbling and me with a challenge using Blank Quilting's Madeline collection. We decided to make it a mini blog hop, so make sure you go check out their blogs to see what they created using this fun fabric.

*hint* There is a giveaway involved at Debby's blog. =)

The colors of Madeline just scream summer with the bright colors of purple, orange, teal, green and yellow. Summer around here means weekend trips and day rides on our Goldwing, so the fabric was begging to be made into pouches and bags for me to use on our trips. I don't always like to take my purse with me, but I still need necessities like chap stick, a comb, sunscreen and things along those lines.

For the larger items I need to carry with  me, I made a drawstring bag using Jeni@In Color Order's tutorial. For the smaller items I used Debbie@A Quilter's Table tutorial she shared of her triple zip pouch. It's the perfect size to hold my packets of drink mixes, chap stick, loose change and it fits all nice and tidy inside the drawstring bag. 

I think they turned out darling....

Make sure you check out Blank Quilting's Facebook page to see what people are creating with their lovely fabric. =)

Vintage fabric

May 9, 2013

My dear friend Judy found this great vintage fabric at the thrift store and bought it for me.

You read that right! Five whole yards!! It measures 35 inches across, but still...

Isn't it pretty?

Baby gifts...

May 8, 2013

We had two new babies born to our church family this last week. Two sweet baby girls.

Maysen's mom asked for a jewel tone baby quilt. Sorry the pictures aren't the best. =) I made the quilt months ago when the weather was not nice and then I forgot to take nice pictures before I gave the quilt away. I really loved how this one turned out!

Rose's mom asked for a black, white, pink and gray quilt. 

I love the flannel back fabric! It's so fun!

 One of these days I will get started on Talli's baby quilt. =) 

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