Where art thou, Spring?

March 27, 2013

Because spring is taking her sweet time to get here in Iowa, my hubby bought some spring flowers for me to enjoy. 

Yes, he is that sweet to me all the time...

Yes, I spoil him, too... 

Off to work on the Swoon quilt! 


  1. Tulips are my favorite!! I hope that you will enjoy a blessed Easter! Love from a sunny South Africa! Though we ALWAYs have a rainy Easter weekend....

  2. I just ordered that quilt for my mother n law for Christmas. It was such a good deal. It looks like it will be very pretty when it is done.

  3. What lovely flowers! I can't wait to see which of my flowery friends are the first to show their faces after this winter. I have a sinking feeling that the snow isn't finished with us yet here in New Hampshire.

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  5. Tulips! My husband is always on the lookout for tulip cards for me. LOVE them. He took me to the tulip festival in Skagit Valley when we were dating. You are one lucky lady!

    We've had some springy weather, but it's supposed to get ugly again next week. We'll enjoy it while we can, I guess! I'll try to send some of it your way!

  6. How adorable is this? I love when my hubby brings me flowers. :-)

  7. Your quilt are so lovely! Thank you so much for your lovely blog!
    Happy Easter! :)
    Hugs, Ulla (Ulla's Quilt World)

  8. Hi, Just wondered how you are liking the Aurifil threads. I just received one cone to try out (Creme Brulee).

  9. I stole your spring, it's beautiful! But sadly supposed to rain on Easter :(


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