I won 10

March 1, 2013

Oh, yes, I did...

I won ten cones of Aurifil's new poly thread. They came in the mail yesterday...

Aren't the colors wonderful? *sigh* I am looking foreword to trying them out on my longarm and on my Juki. =)

Thanks, Aurifil! =D 

Here is Alex explaining about his new line of thread. For more information, go to the Aurifil webpage


  1. Congratulations! The threads are beautiful!

  2. Lucky you. Did you buy a Lottery ticket also. I never win anything. LOL Chris

  3. I say it again: You lucky fish! It is such beautiful thread!! Have fun using them! Love, Karin

  4. Wow! Great prize. Would love to hear what you think of this thread.

  5. wow! that is a totally awesome prize.

  6. Congratulations! What a wonderful win. You are a lucky gal.

  7. Wow! how exciting, I do love those threads. I love all the pretty colors at the store! Are those rayons suitable for embroidery machines? I love the shiny ones for top stitching and embroidery. I will check out his video. Have fun using them!

  8. WOW how lucky you are, the threads look so yummy with all the colours. Have fun!


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