Going down

January 9, 2013

Life is never boring around my home. I assume that is true for all of us. =) 

Kids moving *back* in, to kids moving *back* out...It can cause things to be a bit crazy and that is fine with me. I love my children, after all. =) 

All the moving in and out has caused Russ and I to revaluate how our home is set up. Russ knows how important it is for me to have a place to call my own and he sees the value in it., which means sacrificing my sewing room so that we have a guest room for those "moving back in times" was not an option, but moving my sewing room to the den was. Though the work is hard, it will be so worth it. I will be on the main level of the house, so I will be more connected to the family. Being isolated upstairs has been one of the drawbacks to my sewing room. The sewing room will now be a guest/long arm room. =) If a child needs to move back home for an extended period of time, we will move the long arm back to my bedroom, but for now, it will be wonderful having it out of my bedroom!

Today I will be putting a second coat of Powdered Snow (Behr paint) paint on the den/new sewing room walls and begin the packing and moving down stairs. =) 

Pics will be coming as soon as I get rid of the light bulbs that turn everything yellow. Yuck...I do love my daylight bulbs!


  1. I will look forward to seeing your new setup. It is nice to stay connected to the family while we work :)

  2. sounds like life is preparing you for a new life....new wonders and adventures...always in prayer and thought...God Speed...ohhhh I love to paint...love it

  3. How exciting, Amy, can't wait to see the photos! We are luck to have hubbies who support us so much :)

  4. I love my daylight bulbs too, Amy - have fun setting up your new space, can't wait to see!

  5. Sounds like a great plan! Can't wait to see it!


  6. that is great that your hubby understands how important quilting is to you and will work with you.
    Looks like you are making the space your own.
    Are those pillowcases being used as valances?

  7. Dedicated space for ourselves is sooo nice! Can't wait to see new set up. I will have to check out that color. I am trying to decide on paint myself.


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