Annual Ladies Christmas Tea

December 12, 2012

Last night we had our annual Christmas Tea for the ladies at our church that is held at our hostess with the mostess, Madilyn's home....And guess who forgot to bring the hostess her gift? Argh...I'll see her Sunday and will give it to her then.

Sorry for the quality, I only had my camera phone.

Every corner of her home is beautiful...

She has trees everywhere. 

This is one of several tables she has set up for us to sit to sip our tea and eat until we can't eat another bite of her goodies. We had so many ladies show up with year, she ran out of room. That is a good problem to have, I think. =) 

We sing carols, have a devotional and then the riotous game of gift grab bag goes into full swing. We laugh until we cry. It's so much fun. 

This was my contribution for this years gift exchange. 

And the prize I chose to walk away with, was this little lady. She is now residing at my hubby's work, along with all the other lab monkeys they have hanging around there. I love her!! lol!

Tomorrow, I will show you her Mary Engelbreit 3 seasons porch. I think it's the best room of the house. 


  1. Looks like a great time was had by all.
    blessings, jill

  2. Ditto to Jill's comment and what a great cushion :)

  3. what a fun group...and yes, she does a wonderful job decorating!!! loved her kitchen counter arrangements...thanks for sharing your group with us.

  4. She really goes all out for you ladies-how fun!! See, I wasn't the only one that thought your gift was nice. :) The monkey is great & would've gone straight to my office too.

    Hope you had all you needed for that laughter! ;)

  5. That ornament is too funny! Have a nice evening. :)

  6. That looks like a very fun time, I love her house too. So pretty. I'm looking forward to seeing the Mary porch, Mary is my favorite of all time! That monkey ornament is hysterical, love it!
    ALMOST forgot - the pillow you made is stunning, Amy,what a lovely gift!


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