Tea Time

October 21, 2012

*THANK YOU all for you kind words, support and encouragement. Really...Thank you....I am grateful for each and every one of you.*

As I was struggling with my dad's quilt, I had a moment where I feared I had lost my ability to create. 
Am I the only one who has moments like that? Yes, I know it was a silly thought. Being created in God's image means by nature we are creative because God is creative. Fall is a great example of His beautiful creation shining for all to see. 

I am going to wait until after I get my dad's quilt completely finished and given to him before I share it here on my blog. I want it to be a surprise for him. =) I know you all understand. =) 

But, I can show you the hostess gift I made for my dear friend, Madilyn. Every Christmas time, Madilyn hosts a Christmas tea for the ladies of our church in her home. She has tables set up all over her beautiful home set with the prettiest tea cups.  She goes all out and spoils us with delicious finger foods and cookies. We have so much fun. =) I'll have to take pictures at this years tea to share with you. 

When I found this panel of tea cups at my LQS, I knew I had to buy it and make something for Madilyn. I hope she likes it. =)  

Gotta run. Church time! =D


  1. She will love it. Who wouldn't? :)

  2. A beautiful qult!! Yes, sometimes I think it's just the pressure of needing to have an idea that makes it most difficult to be creative!! Can't wait to see your quilt after you present it to your Dad, I am sure it will be very loved!!

  3. i'm sure you'll much better than i am at quilting because i have a hard time trying to make a quilt like rose smith shows 3 panels so you can machine quilt them and then sewing them together.

  4. She will love it and so thoughtful of you.

  5. A perfect quilt for a fellow tea lover! I like those prints, too. Happy Sunday ~

  6. So sweet and pretty! I am sure it will be well loved and treasured! xo Heather

  7. Oh, that's it! I'm so jealous! What a pattern! She will be beside herself and if she doesn't kiss you smack on the lips take it and give it to me, I'll kiss you and your sewing machine!

  8. She will love the quilt so much! It's wonderful!! Can't wait to see your dad's quilt all quilted up and bound. It will be gorgeous and he's going to love it too! You are very talented and have an eye for colors & patterns.

  9. Amy,
    I don't for one second believe you will ever lose your ability to create. Like you said, it is a God given gift. I actually think all of us probably have it, but some of us just tune into it more than others, and some just like creating in different ways. I love the quilt you have shown us in your post and can't wait to see the one for your dad. I'm sure it's perfect. Thank you so much for visiting and leaving the nice comment on my latest post. I was actually not sure whether I should have even posted about it, I was really relieved when I saw your comment. Maybe, sometimes, I share too much according to my husband, but I write from my heart and that's the only way I know how! Thanks again, and have a wonderful week!

  10. Amy you will never loose your ability to create. You are so creative and you really inspire me. Madilyn is going to just love her tea cup quilt. I know I do it is just beautiful.

  11. she will love it. that is so pretty

  12. Love it, Amy! All the teacups are delightful...wonderful panel and wonderful gift for your friend.

  13. The niceness of you just shines through all your creations and blesses us out here in cyberworld. God gave you a beautiful talent and you are so kind to share it with your friends. Who wouldn't love all these pretty teacups?


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