Ruby Comes to Play

October 30, 2012

I have been weeping over the pictures of NYC. It makes me sad to see so much destruction of the places we visited just a little over a month ago. =(  Praying for all who are affected by Sandy. 

I finally did it.

Last night, I opened up my bundle of Ruby...

This morning I spent time arranging and rearranging the fat quarters. I never get tired of these color combinations.

I finally settled on these to use in Thimble Blossoms' pattern, Flower Girl

Now to take the plunge and make that first cut. 

Do you find it hard to open up a new bundle of fabric? Whether it's  a jelly roll, layer cake, charm pack or fat quarter bundle, I agonize over opening up the packaging. 


  1. So pretty! Save your scraps because remember the horrible experience with the Denyse Schmidt? Maybe these lines will give you better luck. Here is some inspiration.

  2. love those fabrics you picked to create with

  3. I know what you're talking about! I have the same problem..... I had a jelly roll of Ruby, and I did use it up, maybe because it was a JR and not FQs, and also because the quilt I made with it was so fun! Have a look:
    But, I have 5 different groups of charm packs, and I need 2 packs to make a quilt for a cute baby boy - and I'm having a hard time committing to any of them, because I'll have to cut them up - I'm tearing up a wee bit just thinking of it....
    I LOVE the pattern you're using! I bought the Swoon pattern, and have the fabric, but just haven't had time to start it - and now I need to buy this pattern too... Thanks for enabling my habit!

  4. so pretty! it will be another spectacular quilt!

  5. I just love their fabric lines. And Ruby is another goodie. Your going to make a great quilt with them!

  6. I do agonize opening up my fabric bundles. They are so pretty.
    Love the quilt you will be working on.

  7. Beautiful! Who wouldn't love opening that package!

  8. I love RUBY!!! And what's better than a Ruby bundle??!! Also I love the pattern you're using. I know it will turn out gorgeous!

  9. Oh I know Amy, I've been watching the coverage and thinking "I was standing RIGHT there"....sigh. SO much devastation. It's hard to watch. And the pics from NJ, all the flooding, and then the homes that burned on Breezy Point, yikes. Did you see the pic of the rainbow over NY today? Amazingly beautiful.

    I LOVE your fabric, girl, and I know how hard it can be to cut into! But it's so worth it when you're done with your quilt. That fabric is perfect for that pattern!

  10. So pretty!! Happy quilting! xo Heather

  11. Love the fabric & the pattern. I know it will be a beautiful quilt, just like always!

  12. I have rubbermaids full of fabric, both for sewing clothes and quilts. When I go through it to make something, I rarely use anything because I love it so much that I'm afraid what I make won't turn out well and I'll have wasted my pretty fabric! I think I may be a little nuts, but when I read your post, I felt a little better : ) I also think I need to get me some Ruby. Our local quilt store owner doesn't sell Moda cause she says it is not of good quality...what should I have responded to her as I have never touched a Moda fabric but I think the prints and colors are just so amazing!

  13. LOL! I purchased a FQ bundle of Ruby last year, but I have never been able to bring myself to cut into it!! That, and my 1/2 yard bundle of Henry Glass Nine Dots fabric!! They're both sitting together in a clear box for me to just look at and admire!! Hehe - I even know which patterns I want to make with them too - Your very same choice for the Ruby, and Swoon for the Nine Dots :) ... I look forward to seeing your finished quilt!! Might just be the impetus for me to start my own!! Hugs! x

  14. LOL! That's in my cart at Fat Quarter Shop! Oh, and French Roses is on my Quilt List too. I want to make it for a friend's 50th. Hmmm... I should probably find out what year she was born so I don't get taken by surprise!


  15. *sigh* I feel your pain. I agonize about cutting into my favorite fabrics everytime. I think it gets a little easier if I remind myself that it's there to be used.

  16. Oh what a beautiful quilt this will be! :o)
    I love that pattern! And the fabric is just lovely.
    I am the same as you ... I have two fat quarter bundles
    that have become more of a decoration than anything else.
    I can't wait for just the right pattern for each of them.
    Until then, I admire them all bundled up. :o)

  17. Amy I love those fabrics and agree the colors are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing
    your quilt all made up. I know the people on the East coast are in my prayers. Happy Halloween.


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