Fractured the Law

October 26, 2012

On a whim yesterday, I decided to redo this table topper I made two years ago and in the process I fractured the law. 

I confess to the quilt police....

 I mixed washed fabric with unwashed fabric. 

In case you are wondering, no, I am not repentant at all. 

I like it much better now. =) 

Much, much better...


  1. Love the made over version - it was pretty before - but now it really pops!

  2. Both ways are beautiful, but I also prefer the new way. Looks so pretty on your table under the tree!! It really does pop & the bits of red stand out more now. Very nice!

  3. Very nice do-over.
    I am afraid I fracture many laws when it comes to quilting.

  4. You really do have the cutest fabrics... I wish I could make you my personal shopper!


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