Computer upgrade

October 29, 2012

Now that Mountain Lion for Apple has been out for a few months, I took the plunge and upgraded all the computers that could be upgraded. My old MacBook Pro that has been passed on to the college boy, got left behind. I like to stay on top of the latest OS and Mountain Lion works well with my phone. I love it except for one teeny tiny thing that has made my life a bit more challenging...

Mail and Safari no longer supports rss feeds. 

Boo hiss!

What this means: Before the upgrade, every blog I read would come to my inbox with their new post. Now the only ones that go to my mail inbox are those who have the option on their blogs to sign up with my email to receive an update via mail. 

I needed to get a new rss reader alert program to help me remember to check Google Reader. I settled on the free Reader Notifier as the app to help me out. It send me notices through the new notification center that Mountain Lion introduced. So far it's been very helpful, however, if I am absent from your blogs, it's because I am still figuring this all out and getting organized. 

Even with this inconvenience I do love my Mac...


  1. HI Amy I have this Mac OS....there is a bit of a learning curve....but you know, I adore it..if you need any assistance...just drop a note..

  2. I have been a faithful Mac user since 1992 and would never, ever leave it. But I will NOT upgrade to this new OS. My husband has it (and I'm his admin) and it makes me pull my hair out. Plus, I have very expensive, life-saving programs that I'd have to pay to upgrade (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc).
    So, I wish you well. Get up to speed. Devote your precious time to making those awesome quilts so we can feast our eyes on them!

  3. Do you have an iPhone? I use Newsify on mine to read my RSS subscriptions and it's nice and easy to use!

  4. You are quite computer savy! I'm sure you will figure it out!!


  5. I like my Mac too! & just watched the intro video about your 'mountain lion'. The only thing i saw that I really could use is the no cost emailing between Apple devices. Technology is fun! I'll run this by my son and sil and see what they think. I'm glad I happened on your post. Thanks...


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