Ruby Comes to Play

October 30, 2012

I have been weeping over the pictures of NYC. It makes me sad to see so much destruction of the places we visited just a little over a month ago. =(  Praying for all who are affected by Sandy. 

I finally did it.

Last night, I opened up my bundle of Ruby...

This morning I spent time arranging and rearranging the fat quarters. I never get tired of these color combinations.

I finally settled on these to use in Thimble Blossoms' pattern, Flower Girl

Now to take the plunge and make that first cut. 

Do you find it hard to open up a new bundle of fabric? Whether it's  a jelly roll, layer cake, charm pack or fat quarter bundle, I agonize over opening up the packaging. 

Computer upgrade

October 29, 2012

Now that Mountain Lion for Apple has been out for a few months, I took the plunge and upgraded all the computers that could be upgraded. My old MacBook Pro that has been passed on to the college boy, got left behind. I like to stay on top of the latest OS and Mountain Lion works well with my phone. I love it except for one teeny tiny thing that has made my life a bit more challenging...

Mail and Safari no longer supports rss feeds. 

Boo hiss!

What this means: Before the upgrade, every blog I read would come to my inbox with their new post. Now the only ones that go to my mail inbox are those who have the option on their blogs to sign up with my email to receive an update via mail. 

I needed to get a new rss reader alert program to help me remember to check Google Reader. I settled on the free Reader Notifier as the app to help me out. It send me notices through the new notification center that Mountain Lion introduced. So far it's been very helpful, however, if I am absent from your blogs, it's because I am still figuring this all out and getting organized. 

Even with this inconvenience I do love my Mac...

Blogger's Quilt Festival

October 26, 2012

Amy's Creative Side

I love the Blogger's Quilt Festival that Amy @amyscreativeside hosts for us twice a year. It's a great time to find new blogging friends and to find inspiration in all the beautiful quilts being shown.

I am pleased to share with all of  you my version of Sandy Klop's pattern Merry-Go-Round. I first saw this quilt at a dear friend's home hanging on her wall and it was love at first sight. She blessed me with the pattern and the ruler to make one for myself.

For my version, I used a mix of Vintage Modern and Bliss by Bonnie and Camille. The quilt finishes at 60 ½" x 61 ½". Though you have to be careful because you are working with bias edges, the quilt goes together surprisingly easily.

I echo quilted inside each hexagon 5 times. 

Yes, it seemed to take forever, but I knew it wold be worth it in the end. 

And it was worth it...

I like to make the back of my quilts pretty, too...

I hope you enjoyed your stay here at my little corner of the web. Until next time...

Happy Quilting!

Blogger’s Quilt Festival Stats
Finished quilt measures : 60 1/2″x 61 1/2″
Quilted by : Me. =) 
Best Category : Throw quilt, Home Machine quilted

Fractured the Law

On a whim yesterday, I decided to redo this table topper I made two years ago and in the process I fractured the law. 

I confess to the quilt police....

 I mixed washed fabric with unwashed fabric. 

In case you are wondering, no, I am not repentant at all. 

I like it much better now. =) 

Much, much better...

The Simple Life

October 22, 2012

Look at this darling lamb! *swoon*
Fat quarters, a wee bit of yardage and the panel are on the way to my house...Sweet!

Tea Time

October 21, 2012

*THANK YOU all for you kind words, support and encouragement. Really...Thank you....I am grateful for each and every one of you.*

As I was struggling with my dad's quilt, I had a moment where I feared I had lost my ability to create. 
Am I the only one who has moments like that? Yes, I know it was a silly thought. Being created in God's image means by nature we are creative because God is creative. Fall is a great example of His beautiful creation shining for all to see. 

I am going to wait until after I get my dad's quilt completely finished and given to him before I share it here on my blog. I want it to be a surprise for him. =) I know you all understand. =) 

But, I can show you the hostess gift I made for my dear friend, Madilyn. Every Christmas time, Madilyn hosts a Christmas tea for the ladies of our church in her home. She has tables set up all over her beautiful home set with the prettiest tea cups.  She goes all out and spoils us with delicious finger foods and cookies. We have so much fun. =) I'll have to take pictures at this years tea to share with you. 

When I found this panel of tea cups at my LQS, I knew I had to buy it and make something for Madilyn. I hope she likes it. =)  

Gotta run. Church time! =D


October 18, 2012

I've been lost.

Let me explain. I am planning on making my daddy a quilt for Christmas. He likes earth tones and blues. Of course I want it to be special. Truth be told, I want it to be perfect. The pressure I put on myself got me totally stuck. For days I didn't touch my sewing machine. I just stood and stared at my fabric in my closet. I second guess myself a lot. Can anyone relate?

Today, I made a decision and I am just going to go for it. I am going to go with my first idea which was to use a Turning Twenty pattern.  Here are the fabrics I have pulled to use. If I hate it, for some reason, I can always make something else, right? 

Hope everyone else has had a good and productive week. =) 

Listening to the sounds of silence

October 11, 2012

Fall is typically a difficult time for me and for the last several weeks a depression cloud have been hovering over my head. Thus the silence. Now that my mom's birthday has come and gone, the cloud is beginning to lift. =)

Silence does not mean I haven't been busy, however... 

The quilting has begun on the Merry-Go-Round quilt....

The leftover scraps from the above quilt were sewn together to make a super scrappy baby quilt. 

I made myself a new purse and zippered bag...

The extra squares turned into this smaller baby quilt.

 A couple of orphan dresdens found a new home....

and backed with a sweet vintage sheet. 

Take care, friends....And remember, God is good, all the time....

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