Friday in New York

September 26, 2012

Our arrival in New York City was in the early afternoon. The plan was to just walk around and enjoy.

First stop...Get something to eat. We ate all our meals at this place cuz we are cheap and it was easy. =) The pizza was fantastic!

Times Square...Lights all day, 

 and all night. I was relieved to find out that all of New York City isn't like Times Square. At this point I was sure I wasn't going to love New York and I was wondering what every one saw that made them love it that I wasn't seeing. The love came on Saturday, but more on that tomorrow. =)

Who doesn't love Micky and chocolate? 

 We took our first train ride to help us be prepared for Saturday's sight seeing. Our destination, Grand Central Station. Getting on the right train and buying a metro card was an experience all in itself. We found people to be willing to help a confused tourist out and there were a ton of tourists visiting the city, so we weren't the only confused people looking lost. 

Visiting this magnificent place made me with I had a fancy, smancy camera, but pictures can't really replace what you see with your own eyes. 

There is such beauty in the architecture all over New York...

Tomorrow's segment, Saturday at Central Park and seeing "The Boss" Bruce Springsteen. =) 


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful trip! You are making me want to go back! I have been only once and it was HOT sweltering weather, but we loved it. My husband, daughters, son and son n law all went the weekend our daughter was graduating from Coast Guard bootcamp in Maryland, so it is an extra special memory for us! Can't wait to see more!

  2. We only saw Times Square at night, packed in like sardines, lol. Ugh. I too love the architecture in NY - everywhere you look there's something to take your breath away! I was so sorry to miss Grand Central Station, but it'll give me something to look forward to! Love that lighted clock, and oh that door...*swoon*

  3. Fun! Looking forward to tomorrow's post too!

  4. I never liked Times Square. Too much hustle and bustle. Can't wait to see your pictures of Central Park. We lived on West 70th Street right off of the park. Lots of fun memories of NYC, but then again it was many many years ago.

  5. So much fun to travel along with send me some pizza pronto!!! XXXX

  6. Awesome---Enjoy! Thank you for taking us along in pictures!

  7. You don't need a fancy camera! You did an amazing job with what you used! You definitely have an artist's eye. I live in the Northeast and have never been in New York City. Driven by to go down to Florida, but never in the city proper. I think I would feel as you did--fun to visit, but craving the peace and quiet of small town America. And I can't get over how much your husband looks like mine! Even my mom thought so. I must email you a photo to show you! Thank you so much for sharing your trip. I love to travel vicariously.

  8. Such great photos!! Thanks for taking us along your trip! Looking forward to tomorrow! xo Heather


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