Sunday in New York

September 28, 2012

Ground Zero...It was a sobering place to be. 

A place for quiet reflection.  

North Tower 
To remember those who died.

South Tower
People of all ages died that terrible day...

Being here brought on a rush of memories of that day. Where I was. What I was doing. Calling my husband to tell him what was happening and not being able to tear myself away from the TV...

Life goes on, but we will never forget....

Tower One in process of being built. 

The view from the river where the original Twin Towers once stood...And the new towers being built. 

Our last trek in New York was to hike around Wall Street and head to the Staten Island Ferry for a ride. Russ wanted to find the bull, but we never did find him. 

I did not know this, but George Washington was sworn in as the first president of the United States here. 

The Brooklyn Bridge. I wish I could have gotten a picture of it at night when it is all lit up. 

And our sweet Lady Liberty. =) 

On our last subway ride. We had a lot of fun, but we were ready to come home. =)

We wished we would have had time to enjoy the museums, to see the library and visit Elis Island. There is always next time, right? 

Have a great weekend!!

Saturday in New York

September 27, 2012

We knew we would not be able to see all that we wanted to see in our short stay in the city, so each day had a specific destination and we would see all the sights we had time for around that destination. Saturday's main focus was Central Park, but before we entered the park, we had one stop we really wanted to make.

The Apple Store!

Visiting this store fed my inner geekiness. *dreamy sigh*

Yes, the Apple is backwards. I took the picture from the back side of the building. Out of all the stores where we went window shopping, this one was my favorite. It was just so cool...I tried to convince my Rusty that I "needed" an iPad or something, but he wasn't convinced. That's okay...Maybe another day.  =)

On to Central Park!!

Next time I want to take a carriage ride. 

Okay, this will really date me, but when I see the walking path, I think of the TV show "Family Affair." I  loved that show when I was a little girl. =) 

Lovely fountain...
Musicians and artists line the path hoping to get a dollar or two from this who are walking by. This group was very good. They got cash in their music case from us. 

I didn't take his picture, but Russ paid Jason the Joke Guy a dollar to be told jokes. I thought it was really silly. He thought it was the funniest thing ever and really got a kick out of the guy. 

By the time we left Central Park, I understood why people love New York. This is a really lovely part of the city. I loved it here...

Waiting for our train to take us back to the hotel for a short rest because we had a big night ahead of us. He was constantly looking at the map to "get his bearings." He really hated not knowing where north was. lol! 

As part of the prize package from Victory Motorcycles, we were treated to hanging out in the VIP lounge for food and drinks and a quick meet and greet of Steven Van Zandt,  guitarist and mandolin player of Bruce Springsteen's  E Street Band.  He also played Silvio Dante in the HBO show The Sopranos. I was guilty of having no idea who he was so I Googled him before we went to New York. What can I say? I don't watch too much TV. 

Okay...I wore that shirt because it had long sleeves and I was worried about getting cold during the concert. Looking back now, I really...REALLY...wish I had worn something a bit quieter. *ahem* Moving on...

The concert night was crazy! First, getting a taxi to the venue was a challenge. The concert was held at MetLife Stadium, home of the New York Giants and New York Jets, which is in New Jersey. The taxi drivers don't like to leave the city, so it cost us a whopping $130 to get to the stadium. Ouch! We made arrangements with the taxi driver to come back to get us later on in the evening, however, the concert was delayed 3 hours due to lightning, which meant the concert started when we thought we would be calling our taxi driver to come back and get us. I was a little stressed about this small issue....Russ talked to the other winners of the trip (there were 5  winners total who won this trip to NYC) to see how they got to the stadium. One gal got herself and her dad to the concert via a train for $10 each! I wish we could have met up with them for the trip out. We would have saved a ton of money. Oh well....She and her dad got us back to the hotel after the concert for $4 total. Much better....

Bruce put on an amazing show! And at midnight, it was Bruce's birthday, so the rest of the concert was like a giant birthday party. =D He played until almost 3 am. It was a lot of fun...

Walking down Times Square that late at night was interesting. I'll leave it at that. =)  

Tomorrow, Ground Zero.  =)

Friday in New York

September 26, 2012

Our arrival in New York City was in the early afternoon. The plan was to just walk around and enjoy.

First stop...Get something to eat. We ate all our meals at this place cuz we are cheap and it was easy. =) The pizza was fantastic!

Times Square...Lights all day, 

 and all night. I was relieved to find out that all of New York City isn't like Times Square. At this point I was sure I wasn't going to love New York and I was wondering what every one saw that made them love it that I wasn't seeing. The love came on Saturday, but more on that tomorrow. =)

Who doesn't love Micky and chocolate? 

 We took our first train ride to help us be prepared for Saturday's sight seeing. Our destination, Grand Central Station. Getting on the right train and buying a metro card was an experience all in itself. We found people to be willing to help a confused tourist out and there were a ton of tourists visiting the city, so we weren't the only confused people looking lost. 

Visiting this magnificent place made me with I had a fancy, smancy camera, but pictures can't really replace what you see with your own eyes. 

There is such beauty in the architecture all over New York...

Tomorrow's segment, Saturday at Central Park and seeing "The Boss" Bruce Springsteen. =) 

Back from New York!

September 25, 2012

At this very second, I am sitting in my sewing room...My happy place, as I like to call it and the only sound I hear is my typing, the hum of my computer and an occasion car driving by. 

I love the silence...I need the silence. =) 

Our hotel room
Getting home from our trip was a wee bit tricky. We ended up having to stay in Chicago Sunday night. We had a two hour delay at La Guardia that caused us to miss our connecting flight in Chicago. I was running on 7 hours of sleep over two days. By the time I got home yesterday, I was exhausted. I got unpacked, the laundry started and I hit the sheets to grab some zzzzz's. Today is a new day. I am well rested and ready to go!

The picture is goofy, but I thought the sink was so cool!

Over the next few days, I will journal about my trip and then I will get back to my regular sewing and stitching posts. I don't want to forget anything! AND I will get back to reading and commenting on your blogs as well. I have missed reading and seeing what you have all been up to. 

View from our room
As I reflect on our trip and share our experiences with the kids and friends, some observations come to my mind...

~ It's busy every second of the day. You get no break from the noise and people. For this social introverted gal, it was overwhelming. I longed to get some time alone to recharge. 

View from our room
~ A lot of people smoke. I was surprised to see so many people lighting up. As a former smoker, I cast no judgement on that. It was just surprising to me, that's all. 

Yet another view from our room
~ I missed seeing trees. Russ found it very difficult to get his bearings. It was very stressful on my guy to not know which way was north at all times. 

We were on the 28th floor and had two window views. 
Where we stayed. They were in the process of doing renovations to the lobby. 
Night life

~ And it's impossible not to love New York.

Did I love all of it? No...

I found Times Square to be a difficult place with all the noise and the crowds , but once we left Times Square and saw some of the rest of the city during our time there, I fell in love with it and I do long to go back to see the things we didn't get to see this time around.

I'll be back tomorrow with more pictures and thoughts about this very fascinating city. =) 

Counting the days

September 17, 2012

Four more days until we leave for our weekend in New York City...

I am excited...

and a little bit nervous. 

I had a migraine last week (the reason for my silence). I am hoping that means I won't get one while in New York. 

I did get some sewing in while I was nursing my head last week. 

I've had the chenille sheep panel for several years. I don't know why I waited so long to get it made into a pillow. 

And the quilt...

I need to get a better picture of it sometime when the weather is nice. 

I love it...No, really...I really love it...

It is made from two charm packs ( and a few other fabrics from my stash) by Benartex called Sweet Shoppe Calico Candies. I loved the top so much, I decided to use my very favorite Sherbit Pips yardage on the back that I have been hoarding. I will enjoy cuddling with this one this winter...

I have a lot to get done before we leave, so I won't be posting again until I get back. 

I wish you all a great week!!

Happy sewing!

Time for Dots on Dots!

September 12, 2012

I love polka dots!! 

I love Dresden plates! 

And I have been loving hand stitching lately.

Putting all three together for the Dots on Dots Blog Hop was a no brainer for me. =) 

What has me stumped is what to make my block into? A pillow? A wall hanging? A tote bag? I'm still deciding. =) 

Make sure you hop around and see the rest of the Dots on Dots blocks today...

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you will come back again! 

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