August 16, 2012

I felt like I won the lottery yesterday! Thank you, Madame Samm for awarding my bowls project with an honorable mention. I'm still pinching myself. And I am overwhelmed with the kind comments I received. I treasure each and every one of them. =) 

Speaking of winning...

Have you ever wondered if people really win sweepstake contests? You know, the ones that are giving away cash, cars or trips? 

I know I have...

And now I know, people really do win!

How do I know?

Because my Rusty entered one...

And he WON! 

At the end of September, we will be traveling to New York City!

This small town girl is a bit overwhelmed at the thought. It will be a once in a lifetime experience, that's for sure!

If you have been to NYC, please share your experiences and share what places to go and see. There is so much, I don't even know where to start and our stay is short at only a couple of days. Central Park is at the top of the list as of now. I suggested Tiffany's, but my honey reminded me that I would much rather have fabric. He would be correct. ;-)

Have a great weekend, everyone. Ours is starting early. We are heading to see our granddaughter Brooklyn again this weekend. =) Gotta do the grandma thing and share a picture. It's a law or something like that. 

Will talk again soon!!

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August 16th


  1. I wish you could see a picture of my shocked face!! Just kidding!! Contragulations!!! I am not shocked at all, your Bowl Quilt is just the best!!
    Your granddaughter is darling! Love the hair decorations!!


  2. Congratulations to you!! I've only been to NYC once, but just prepare yourself, it is like a way-foreign country. :-)

  3. Oh Amy, congratulations on your honorable mention! And congrats on the NYC trip! I've never been either but my daughter has. She loved the whole city :)

  4. Congratulations on your wonderful blessing! I know that you and your family will truly enjoy it...I think that you should try to sneak in a stop at PurlSoho :0)

  5. Congrats to Rusty on the win!! In NYC, I would go to the Empire State Building, possibly the cruise past the Statue of Liberty, and the Apple Store! Also, I hear that in Columbus Circle (right across the street from Central Park) there are a couple of stores not to be missed - namely a LEGO store and an M&Ms store. Have fun, can't wait to hear about it!

  6. Amy ~ congratulations on honorable mention on your bowls quilt and on the trip to NY!!! I've never been to NY but have entered many contests trying to get there! LOL! Several years ago I won a Hormel contest and could pick either to have a Chef come to my home once a week for a year and prepare a meal for four OR the cash equivalent of $9,000. I took the cash! It was so fun! I hope you have a wonderful time whenever you go. Hopefully, we'll see pics on the blog!

  7. wow that pretty cool! have a nice trip to new york and congratulation for you mention of honor you deserved it

  8. How exciting all the way around!! And NYC will be a blast for you!!! Wait to you see all the neat architecture - just beautiful!! Make sure your camera is fully charged every night and snap away! Congratulations - you deserve a smile!!

  9. Wowee! a trip to NYC, that is awesome! Congrats and have fun with your granddaughter.

  10. How exciting! I have only been to NYC one time this past April. I stayed with a friend from college that lives there now so it was really nice to be able to have a "tour guide." I don't think I would be helpful with much advice, other than to try to visit Purl Soho!

  11. That is so exciting! Hope you have lots and lots of fun! If you are a You've Got Mail fan then I suggest grabbing dessert at Cafe Lalo. It is the cafe they are supposed to "meet" at. I was last there 10 years ago, but it was divine.

  12. Love your table runner - cutest I've seen yet, so darling! AND GIRL - you're going to NY in late September? We're going over the labor day weekend! My first time and I'm intimidated too. I know I want to see Central Park, and the Garment District, and Broadway....oh golly - so many places!!! Let me know when you're going! What an amazing trip to win!

  13. Congratulations!! So exciting!! Have a wonderful trip to NYC! xo Heather


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