A New Day

July 12, 2012

No, I did not line up my fabric just for a photo op. 

This is me. 

Hello, my name is Amy and I am anal...

About some things. =) 

Dusting? Not so much...


  1. Hello Amy!

    My name is Stefanie and I also have OCD!

    Love the Fig Tree fabric :0)

  2. I'm laughing!

    We are so opposite...I could exist in a pile of fabric knee deep for about 2 weeks...then I'd have to organize (and then the process would repeat itself!)

    That's such a lovely photo-hmmm--can't wait to see the grannies!

  3. These will be very pretty in the "Grannies" Amy, a lovely selection.
    Don't you love new days, and new beginnings? God gives us a new beginning every day, how good He is!

  4. My name is Chris and I am just lazy. LOL Hey do what you feel good doing. The colors are definitley you. Chris

  5. i line things up but not nearly as well as all that!!!!!

    these are going to be pretty

  6. Sigh ~ If only we could spread out that anal-tiviy a touch to include the dusting, eh? Mine is confined to threads for now.

    Love your fabrics and colors! Can't wait to see it in progress.

  7. Yay! Love the Granny Squares. And such pretty fabric too :-)

  8. You and I are cut from the same cloth Amy! :o)
    I can't wait to see your granny squares!! :o)
    I am using the same fabric for my big granny square
    blanket and I love how soft and quiet it will be.
    A favorite for sure. :o)
    Have a great afternoon.

  9. We're supposed to dust???? I'd never get to sew if I kept the house dusted ; )

  10. Yay, Amy!!!! Good for you! I have to line my stuff up like that too, or I get horribly confused, lol. Dusting? What's that? Is that where you blow on your keyboard so you can see the letters?

  11. Your blocks are pretty! Glad you are part of the Amy's not for dusting group.

  12. You are so silly. Love all your fabrics. Looking forward to seeing some granny squares.

  13. Oh, I can't wait to see all your beautiful grannies!! ;) xo Heather

  14. I love this fabric line. So so pretty!

  15. You're going to have a beautiful quilt! The fabrics are gorgeous. Have fun.

  16. I am just catching up after a few weeks...so sorry you did not feel well.
    Your sweet and cutsie grandaughter is very special and blessed!!
    and of course, I love your posies...can not wait to see what you are planning!!

  17. Oh, my that is the prettiest fabric! How you feeling? I am not too anal about dusting either. You are funny!

  18. love the fabric, so pic nic strawberries!

  19. Dusting? I'd rather arrange my yarns and farbics ;-) But we have to do our chores from time to time, didnt we? ;-)
    I wish i had a staff here. But that will be an ever lasting dream ;-))

    Your Fabric-Line up looks so lovely♥


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