Mama has a brand new bag

July 15, 2012

Have you seen Pink Penguin's lunch bag tutorial? It's one of my favorites! After I made my lamb bag, I knew I had to make another one just a little bit larger for take along sewing projects. 

What do you think??

I added a zippered pocket in the lining to keep my needles, thimble and other small stuff. 

I ended up adding 3" to the height and width. It's a perfect size at 15" wide at the top, 10" wide at the bottom, 11" tall, and 5 1/2" deep. 

 This has nothing to do with the bag, but I wanted to show you these pretty zippers I bought yesterday on our motorcycle ride. Aren't the colors great!? I don't have any projects in mind. I just had to have them for "just in case." 


  1. Looks great and roomy. I need to make some up for Christmas presents. I think they would be a great gift. Chris

  2. I think it is great! Love the colors..Thank you for sharing the link to the site...I just may have to look into that!

  3. oh AMy this bag is so pretty...what a beautiful job

  4. I really love that bag! It's adorable and so is the fabric you used to go with it! It's so nice to have a handmade bag for take-along sewing projects :)

  5. Love your bag!! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!!


  6. I really love your bag! Love the colors, fabric, pockets, everything is beautiful. I like the zippers you found too. I've seen some pretty neat flowers made using zippers, think it was on karimeaway.

  7. Lovin' your new bag!! So pretty!! And, those zippers are such great colors!! xo Heather

  8. Good Morning! Thanks for stopping by, and I surely would have love it if you were close enough to visit my Brimfield booth, too!

    LOVE your new bag and those zippers?? The colors are fabulous!! :)

    Have a happy week :)


  9. totally love it! spring color and great size.. think i'll make one for my lunch at work!

  10. That is a gorgeous bag, Amy, love the fabric!!!! Great zippers too!


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