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July 18, 2012

Lisa @ Mom So Blessed asked me if I would share what machine I use to quilt with and the other tools I like to use in my sewing room. 

Sure! Why not! Besides, I like knowing what other people use and why, as well. =) 

My very favorite and the most important thing in my room is my Juki 98Q

I adore this machine!! 

She (all of a sudden "it" became a "she"...) does one stitch, a straight stitch and it does it to perfection. I rarely have to touch the tension knob.

 She is fast! Up to 1500 stitches per minute. I don't often take her to that speed, but I do find my self annoyed at other sewing machines that aren't going fast enough, so I must take her more to the limit than I think I do. 

She is sturdy. Made of metal and not a lot of plastic. Maintenance is a breeze. Oil her once in a while and clean to the lint. Easy peasy....

She is large enough to handle the biggest quilts. The area right of the needle is 6" x 9". Plenty of room to manouver a large quilt, and I have. Many times. 

In the two years I have owned her, I have never had any trouble what so ever. 

Two things here. The Pin Place magnetic holder and my favorite tweezers. I use the tweezers to pull the bobbin thread up to the top of my quilt when I am quilting and the Pin Place keeps me from losing it. I got the tweezers at Joann Fabrics. The Pin Place I found on line. Just give it a Google. 

This thread cutter I bought at Nolting's. When I am chain piecing, it's faster, handier and easier to use this to cut all the threads between the pieces than to use scissors. It came with a double stick tape to attach it to the machine, but I found it wasn't strong enough, so I attached it with a small piece of a Command Strip. It's not going anywhere any time soon. 

Machingers. Best quilting gloves ever, in my opinion. They don't stay clean long, but that doesn't affect the performance at all. =) 

Famore scissors.  The smaller 5" pair of scissors I won in the Quilter Wantobe Campaign last summer. Oh, how I ❤ these scissors. They cut like a hot knife through butter. I loved them so much, I asked for a 8" pair for cutting fabric for my birthday last year. They do not disappoint. I have a few more Famore scissors on my wish list. =) 

For pressing, I use one of two vintage irons I found thrifting. I own a Rowenta iron and it is very nice, however, once I started using these smaller vintage travel irons, the Rowenta stays put away. These babies get hot and they don't weigh a ton. 

 I bought the Polder Iron Cord Holder over 2 1/2 years ago and I have never regretted it. I will replace it if something should happen to this one. 

Several years ago, Russ made me a large pressing board to fit over an ironing board. When I found my pink cabinet, the pressing board found a new home. Originally I stapled the cover to the board, but after replacing the cover a couple of times because of the staining the starch causes, I no longer staple the cover on. Now I can wash the cover when needed and when it gets too stained for my liking, I toss it and make a new one. 

I hope this was helpful and somewhat informative. 

I would love to know what your favorite machines and tools are that you like to use. 

Happy sewing!


  1. Oh I too, love seeing what other folks use in their sewing rooms. I have hard nothing but good of the Juki. Is it a descent price range? I am a big fan of machines made with metal :D

    I have a couple of the vintage irons too and love them. They are my preferred choice. The newer models (and I've tried them all) eventually start leaking for me. I love that these old ones get good and hot.

    My hubby made me the big board ironing surface a few years ago and it's helped enormously for ironing quilt tops!

    I'm a big fan of tweezers too :)

    Thanks for sharing this. This was fun!!

  2. What a perfect little sheep on your ironing board top ...what a lucky girl you are to have a handy hubby!!!

  3. That machine is awesome! And I'm drooling over your irons. I need to keep a lookout for vintage ones. The new ones are just rubbish anymore. Great post, Amy!

  4. I love seeing the tools other people use. I've often thought I should do a similar post, especially for people just starting out. Thanks for posting this.!

  5. perhaps some of my issues with quilting are that i am not using some of the right tools!! your juki is cool. do you ever wish it had atleast a zig zag stitch?

  6. Thank you for sharing your recommended tools. It means something since I see all your lovely creations and know you know what you are talking about. Totally adding the Pin Place to my amazon list!

  7. WOW! Great post and loved reading about your machine and tools. I'm with Leslie...perhaps some of my problems are using incorrect tools. then again, I get quilts made -smile-.

  8. Loved this post!! Full of great tools that I have never used!! I look forward to having a large ironing board surface! Thanks for sharing. xo Heather

  9. What a great post. I love reading what works for other people. By the way I just read your spray starch recipe. I'm going to try that!!

  10. I love, love, loved this post! It is exactly what I was hoping for! I've never tried a Juki machine. I own an old Pfaff which I had repaired recently (my favorite), a Janome and a Sears machine. I really don't love my Janome though I paid a lot for it a few years ago. The Pfaff makes the most beautiful, even stitches. Is the Juki like that? I never even realized there were vintage irons out there such as yours. One more thing to scour Ebay and Etsy for, not to mention thrift shops. And your scissors! I love an old pair of Gingher scissors I have. I don't really like the Mundial pair I own. So I am also going to be hoping for a pair of the Famore scissors. Thank you,too, for mentioning me. It was so sweet of you, my friend!


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