Rose Patch

June 27, 2012

After tearing the stitches out, adding another border and beginning the quilting again, the nine patch is now finished.

I'm naming her Rose Patch. 

Fabrics used: Rose Parade by Moda and scraps. 
Binding: Aqua Kona cotton 
Measures: 51" x 52"

Yes, I use cereal box cardboard and make templates to trace for my quilting. It's cheap and it works. I added the masking tape because the corners got smooshy. I save all my templates to reuse for future projects.  

Quilt pattern? I made it up as I went along. =) 

Have a great Wednesday!

Farmer's Wife Quilt-Along

June 26, 2012

I am excited (and flattered) to see how many of you who are jumping in and joining me on this adventure. =) 

Today, I am going to start a link list of resources that I have found helpful. Feel free to share what you have found and I will add them to the list. This is a joint venture, after all. =) 

This group has many helpful files all ready to go. It's where I found the files so I can foundation paper piece my blocks, for those who are interested in making their blocks that way. They also have a check off list you can use to mark off the blocks you have made as you make them. This will be very handy if you aren't making them in order. I probably won't be, so I have it printed and in my book ready to go.

Jodi shows how she organized her templates so they were all ready to go and didn't get lost in the shuffle of life. She also has a great idea about journaling on the page of the block that is being made as a way to have a diary of sorts for future generations to read and enjoy. I find that idea so lovely and sweet I decided to do that for sure. 

As more resources are found, I will add them here. =) 

FYI and a huge Thank You!

Karen informed me that visiting my blog was sending her a very scary notice that my blog had a link to another site that was suspected to have malware on it. I removed the link from my reading list and I presume that will handle that situation. 

Please let me know if there are any more problems. =) 

A Farmer's Wife Quilt-Along

June 25, 2012

I am so excited to get this Farmer's Wife Quilt-Along started! Thanks for all the feedback and the encouragement. =) 

First, for those who would want one, I made a button. I like buttons. =) I like making them, too. You can find it in my sidebar on the right. Simply copy the code in the text box and paste it into your own blog sidebar. I assume you all know how to do that. If not, just let me know. 

For those who are visiting for the first time, the reason why I am starting another Farmer's Wife quilt-along instead of joining the ones already happening out in the blog world is because I felt funny jumping in the middle of the established groups...Lets just say I have left over hang ups from childhood. 'Nuff said...When I shared on my blog last week about wanting to make a Farmer's Wife quilt, others spoke up and said they would like to quilt-along with me, so here we are. =) 

I like things to be simple and easy. Our lives are all busy enough, right? So here is how this is going to work.

Go as quickly or as slowly as you want. 

I told you it would be easy! 

My plan is to do at least two blocks a month and my goal is to do them all. I need to sit down and work out a reasonable end goal date to have the blocks all finished. I don't want to be doing this 6 years from now. =D

The only requirement is you need to have your own book so you will know how to make the blocks. There is a ton of information out on the web on how to use the paper templates or how to make the blocks using foundation paper piecing (which is my plan). We can share information about the resources we have found as we go along. 

Lets "meet" on the 3rd Thursday of every month to do a show and share of the blocks we have finished. (I don't know how we will meet yet, but will let you all know when I have it figured out.) This should give everyone time to get their fabric choices figured out, buy the book and get some blocks made to show off. 

Feel free to spread the word. The more the merrier, as far as I am concerned. =) 

If you have any questions, or suggestions, I am all ears.

This will be FUN!!

Another on purpose accident...And more

June 21, 2012

Russ and I don't always see eye to eye when it comes to fabric styles. He likes the more earthy/muted tones, while I love color, color, color can't get enough color. Today, however,  we both agree  Flea Market Fancy is a beautiful fabric collection that fits both of our styles. It's both earthy and colorful. Perfection. 

That's when the accident on purpose happened. Russ asked if I could get more of this fabric to make sure I would have enough for the Farmer's Wife Quilt. Within 30 minutes, I had more on order. Etsy is a wonderful place. Just saying...

Now that the decision has been made on what fabric I'm going to use for the FW quilt , the next decisions are....
  • When to start? 
  • Who wants to do this with me?
  • And how to organize it all? 
It sounds like a lot of you also have wanted to make the quilt but for one reason or another, it hasn't happened and that's only counting the ones that spoke up. I used to co-own/co-manage a homeschooling forum. I know a lot of people lurk. *waving to my shy friends*
The thing is, I consider myself to be an idea person. The organizing and dealing with details is where I fall short. If Russ were awake, he would shout a hearty, "AMEN!" Not that I can't, it's just not my strength. That said, I am willing to do a quilt along/support group or whatever. I know I would have more fun if I had others who were doing it with me. For right now, I am open to ideas on how to do this (am I making this more complicated in my mind than I need to?). When would you all like to start? Right away or after the 4th of July?  I did create a Flickr page, so we can share our blocks if you all want to and we can chat there about stuff. Do we want to make 2 blocks a month or two a week or what? Or, shall we let everyone do their own thing and be cheerleaders for each other, whether someone does one block a week or one block a month.

Am I thinking too hard? 

I ran out of words. Your turn! Speak to me...

Farmer's Wife Quilt

June 19, 2012

A couple of years ago, my darling hubby bought me The Farmer's Wife Quilt book. He was intrigued by all the different blocks in the quilt. After looking through it and seeing how the blocks were made using paper templates, I was intimidated and set the book aside.

A few months later, some bloggers started up a few Farmer's Wife quilt-a-longs. I got out the book again, got intimidated again and put it away....again.

Last Saturday, at the MN Quilt Show, Russ was very impressed with the sampler quilts that were on display and asked if I was ever going to make this quilt.

Monday, I got out the book once again, did some more research on line, found a Yahoo group with foundation piecing templates and felt encouraged. I played with the fabric I have in my stash, pondered, thought, debated and decided....

I am going to do this. 

A few blocks at a time. 

Sometimes you've just got to do it....

Anyone care to join me? Lets talk!!

Flea Market Fancy

June 18, 2012

It was an accident. Really!  I don't intend to buy it, but when Craftsy had a one day sale of 30% off the fat quarter bundle, I went into a trance and next thing I knew, it was on order. 

Can't wait for it to get here!!

All Iowa Shop Hop Prize

June 17, 2012

Remember the quilt shop, Country Stitchin' I wrote about last week? We just so happened to stop in during an All Iowa Shop Hop event. Well, guess who won a prize from Country Stitchin'? 


Look at the great things I won! What a generous prize package. =) 

Thanks, Jane and Peg! 

Rochester, MN Quilt show

June 16, 2012

A few of the beautiful quilts on display. I'm posting from my phone. I have no idea how it will look to you all. =)

Dream On

June 13, 2012

Two charm packs are perfect for making a baby quilt or lap quilt. I made this one was made using Dream On.

I like simple patchwork and simple quilting. It's timeless. 

When I found this vintage sheet at the thrift store a few weeks ago, I knew it would be perfect as the backing for this quilt. 

I used the new thread I bought at Country Stitchin' last weekend. It's YLI Variations and the color is Meadow. Very nice thread!

 Up next is this Nine Patch. I began to quilt it yesterday, but didn't like how it was going. I'll be spending part of today ripping out the stitches and starting over. =) 

Harley stores and Quilt shops

June 10, 2012

They go hand in hand for us. How? Well, it's like this....We have a Goldwing that we dearly love, but Harley stores are much more fun to visit and whenever we go for day trips to visit a Harley store, we also go visit the quilt shops in the area. Saturday was a Harley-Quilt store day in Waukon, Iowa. 

Here is Russ (minus 45 pounds! Way to go Russ!) putting chaps on so he can test drive a Harley trike.

Okay, enough of the Harley store. =) 

Lets go to the quilt shop! 

On our way into town, we rode by this sign on the highway.

It's truly a country shop because it is out in the country.  Country Stitchin' is run by two sisters, Jane and Peg, who live in the house across the drive way from the shop. If I were to own a shop, this is how I would want to do it. 

Here is the front of the shop. Isn't it pretty? 

Friends, this shop is worth the drive and a stop if you are ever in the Waukon area. We have added this to our favorites list and will be back to shop here again. 

The pictures are not the best since I only had my camera phone with me. Sorry about that. =/

This is the view as you walk in the door. As soon as I saw this little bit, I knew I was in for a treat and I was not disappointed! 

They carry many patterns and books...

and they have a wall full of notions that any quilter could want or need. 

And, of course, lots of eye candy everywhere...

These are tacked up to the ceiling! I laid down on the floor to take this picture. =) 

The view of the main room....I just now noticed the vintage sewing machines on the top shelf! There was so much to see. I know I missed a lot more than the machines. 

Here is a sampling of the goodies I came home with. 

Because Country Stitchin' does not have a web page at this time, here is their information in case you want to go see for yourself, this darling store.

Country Stitchin'
915 Hwy 76 South
Waukon, Iowa 52172
phone: 563-535-7376

My regrets? I wish I had taken a picture of Jane, who was in the shop that day. What a dear, sweet lady. And I wish I had taken my good camera to take more pictures. Next time!!

Blue bird

June 5, 2012

It's not perfect, but I am still very pleased with my first attempt at a difficult paper piecing pattern. 

Pattern can be found at Sew Hooked

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