May 10, 2012


Once again I have gone into my shell and got quiet. For those who have been visiting here awhile know I do that from time to time.

One reason in particular caused me to withdraw...A woman I don't know, a blogger that I had never read before, was brought to my attention by Melissa @ Happy Cottage Quilter. You see, Pat, a dear lovely lady, was anxiously awaiting the arrival of her grandson, Jackson on Monday....And for reasons only known to God, he was taken straight from this earth into Heaven. My heart has been sad ever since. I know how it feels, to some degree, to long to be a grandmother and then have it taken away at the last moment. The "almost grandma." That's how I think of myself and it makes me sad to think another woman has joined that club. So close, and yet....

If you would want to offer some words of comfort to Pat and her family, I am sure she would very much appreciate it. You can find her at Silver Thimble Talk. This is going to be a very difficult Mother's Day for her and her family....I can't even imagine...


  1. Olá,eu fiquei como você,e já passei lá assim que ela postou.Essas situações sem explicação só nos faz ter forças para continuar.Eu também não quero nem imaginar o próximo domingo...Eu tenho um casal de netos,Tobias com#20meses e Maria Rita com #21 dias,são irmãos,fico olhando para eles e agradecendo a DEUS pelos presentes lindos que ganhei,#3filhas e dois netos.OBRIGADA SENHOR!Fico feliz por você nos dá essa oportunidade de refletir e agradecer pelo dom da vida.Muito Obrigada.Fique bem e DEUS te ABENÇOE.

  2. Dear Amy,
    I was so sorry to hear about Pat's loss and for the pain you are feeling in response to her pain. Life is so sad sometimes, so hard to bear, especially when it involves a precious little baby. It is hard not to ask "why?" Just know that you have prayers going up to heaven for you from me and for Pat and her sweet family that you will find comfort in God's love and in knowing that others here on earth care about you. May God shower extra blessings on you and lighten your burden today.

  3. That breaks my heart to hear of this woman's loss. I know this pain all too well. Thank you for letting us know so that we might in some way, bring words of comfort and most definitely our prayers.

  4. Oh, that is so horrible and saddens my heart!! I will be lifting them up in my prayers!! God is good, and will see her through this tough time!! Take care of yourself my dear!! xo Heather

  5. I'm sorry to hear of the loss of the baby. I am praying for them, and for you, to find comfort and peace, and know you are loved.

  6. My sister gave birth on Mother's Day a number of years ago - she was only 29 weeks pregnant. Her baby lived 2 days...
    It's not the same as this circumstance, but I remember the pain we went through as we supported my sis and her hubby. We can't understand why this happens, but we know that God is with us through it all - and I hope and pray that Pat's family and yours feel His comfort and strength, especially on Sunday.


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