Flying Backwards

May 31, 2012

Some of you guessed what was going on with my circle geese block. For those that didn't, here is the deal....There are two patterns for this block. One pattern is for the geese to fly clockwise and one for the geese to fly counter-clockwise. I used the clockwise pattern and did it backwards. 

I wasn't the only one having problems. Go give Madame Samm's circling geese a gander. You will be glad you did!

Off to try a different pattern. I need more practice! 


  1. Baaaa.(that's my bleat) I am getting dizzy. I think I'll stick to gardening and the occasional knitting project. :-)

  2. i totally missed that in your first post. this block looks great no matter what direction you are flying it in.

  3. your bloc is great, love the colors

  4. gosh, that looks like a difficult pattern but you've done it so well!


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