Connie's 20th Anniversary Sale

May 24, 2012

Connie's Quilt Shop is my favorite local quilt shop. This week she is celebrating her 20th Anniversary by having a four day sale. Everything, even her sale fabric and remnants that have already been marked down, is on sale for 20% off!

Yesterday was the first day of the sale....Yes, I went shopping, and yes, I was one of the first ones in the door. =)

I love Connie. =)

Before I left, I took notes on things to look for so I wouldn't get distracted by all the eye candy in her shop. I wanted to buy wisely.

Okay, confess...Tell me I am not the only one whose quilting gloves get grungy looking? There is still some life left in them, but for when I decide to toss them I have a brand new pair waiting for me at 20% off. I love Machingers. They make a world of difference when quilting. 

My stash lacks tone on tone fabrics in creams and whites. The cream was a remnant and already marked down so I got a deal at an extra 20% off. 

These are bright, aren't they! Both were in the remnants bin. I bought a paper pricing pattern by Judy Niemeyer and I am beginning to collect batiks for that project. 

More remnants. Gotta have polka dots! 

Making the string quilts revealed how low I am on purple and orange, so a few fat quarters of those two colors was in order. I also have been wanting some black polka dots on white. Maybe to add to my string quilt? 

My two sister-in-loves adore Snoopy and Peanuts. I got some yardage to make something for them for Christmas as a surprise. 

The two panels of Dolly Dresses was my only impulse buy. I love them and will find a little girl or two to make something for them out of it. 

My husband gave me a budget and I stayed under it. I am pretty proud of myself....

Did I mention I was going back this afternoon with a friend? I may not be staying under budget after all. *wink*


  1. Are you reading this Connie? I think Amy needs another little discount for promoting the store...and so she doesn't spend $ that she should be spending on groceries!


  2. Budgets are no fun, but you got some good buys. I found a tone on tone yesterday and got almost 7 yards. Bargains are out there. Chris

  3. What goodies!! When do you use the Machingers? Hand quilting? xo Heather

  4. As usual I like it all! What will you make with the dress panels? Just curious

  5. Love the fabrics you--on sale is a good thing! I, too have a budget and feel so good when I stay under it!!!!

  6. You need to come on one of the shop hops in my area with me. We have way too much fun, but, we can stay on budget, if we bother to even make a budget.

  7. You did really good....but not sure about the budget either..hehehehe
    Really like the doll outfits, have NOT seen those.


  8. wow you snoopy fabric is beautiful! will make so cute things! Well... i don't have quilting gloves!!! maybe will think of using it

    have a nice sewing day with all those purchases

  9. oh my goodness..the CB fabric..way cool...when will you show us ....not after christmas..say no lol...well you have been one wee busy your american

  10. oh my goodness..the CB fabric..way cool...when will you show us ....not after christmas..say no lol...well you have been one wee busy your american


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