April 3, 2012

I have decided, after months of studying and agonizing over whether or not to upgrade my computer from Snow Leopard to Lion, that I am going to bite the bullet and just do it. 

Let hope it all goes well and I will be back soon! 


Edit: Whoop! It's installed! Pain free. Whew...Now to learn the new this and that's. 


  1. You won't be sorry, AMy! I love Lion and think it's a much better upgrade.

  2. You are talking foreign to me, but I'm happy for you!

  3. I am with Sue, you won't be sorry! I love Lion, but you do know that this summer they are coming out with Mountain Lion. I asked about it at my Apple One to One class and they said you need to have Lion and then it will be just little tweaks here and there to lion. You can see a little bit about it here on their site: http://www.apple.com/macosx/mountain-lion/

  4. ooo love the upper pillow! bleu and orange it's such a great mix!

    have a nice day

  5. love the photo of Aslan but haven't a clue what you're talking about...I'm a low tech geek.

  6. This must be a MAC thing??? or maybe it's a Blogger thing I don't know about...

  7. i wonted to leave a comment on some blog today and when thru and spelled it 4 times .i think it must have been broke forget who's blog it was. and it never worked


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