April 3, 2012

I finished Haley's pillows this weekend. They are so fun and modern! 

And I have the binding on the second scrappy baby quilt. Now I need to get to working on the hand quilting part of the two quilts....

A note on the word verification that blogger is using now:

Ugh...Sometimes I take time to answer emails and comment on blogs from my phone when I am riding in the car. The word verification doesn't work on my phone, which is so frustrating to me. I thought I would share that piece of information in case people didn't know. Also, there are times when typing in the crazy words gets so difficult to read on my computer, that I give up and don't leave a comment. =( 

I wish they would have left well enough alone....

Have a great week!


  1. Very cute pillows!! And I so agree with you about word verification. It IS so frustrating. Makes you wonder what they are up to in changing so many things :-(

  2. Might I say first of all that the word verification thing drives me crazy too. I am usually just on the computer but sometimes I can't even figure out what it says and it takes so long. Discouraging to be sure. I hope mine doesn't have it, I should check my settings! Someone let me know if it does please.
    Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog. I am so excited about this room, and it's not even halfway done! I love the pillows and scrappy quilt, I just love color and it makes me happy when I see projects like these!

  3. Oh Amy, thank you so much. That was very nice of you. I hate computers and am terrible at them. I was going to go check my settings and try to figure out how to see if I had it or not, but was not looking forward to it. Now thanks to you I can do something else more fun, like working on a project in this basement! Did I say fun? Well, more fun than checking out that word verification!!! Thanks again very much!
    More big hugs,

  4. Look at those pillows! They really do look modern and cheerful! Nice job. I like the close up of your binding. I am trying to absorb knowledge! Ha ha! Your quilting is great.
    A far as word verification, I agree. I do not use it on my blog. I haven't had any issues with spam either.

  5. Love the fun pillows!! I just took the word verification off mine! Hand quilting, now that is something I need to learn. I bought the thread, and I was thinking of doing it on the baby quilt. I might have to email you with questions! ;) xo Heather

  6. Love the pillows! They are like a ray of sunshine in a room, I'm sure. The pattern is so fun, too! Nice!

  7. Love your pillows!! It inspires me to stop staring at this screen and go sewing! first I'll fix myself a cup of coffee...


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