Quilt show

April 29, 2012

Yesterday was the annual Kalona, Iowa Quilt show. Five of us gals from church had a ball looking at the quilts on display and shopping in the cute little shops Kalona has to offer. 

This quilt was my favorite one at the show. I would love to make one like this...

State Birds....I love how each person who made a block, embroidered their name in their handwriting.

I think one was called Bible Story quilt. One of the quilt stores sold a book with all the designs in it. 

I loved the colors in this one. 

Can you imagine one of your quilts being around after over 130 years? 

Granny Square quilt.

Beloved Dresden plates. I like the details in the sashing. 

1940's Double Wedding Ring quilt. 

Modern day fabrics in a double wedding ring quilt. 

Both are beautiful. 

I couldn't get a picture of the full quilt. It was fun and the movement in the squares  are so neat. 

I loved this one. Simple but striking. This one would be beautiful with bright batiks. Does anyone know if this block has a name?

I hope you enjoyed the quilts. =) 


  1. love the card trick quilt when are you going to make one ;) glad you had fun =)

  2. thanks for posting...nothing is better than an old double wedding ring quilt...

  3. What a great quilt show - so many pretties. As for the last quilt I think this is called Vestibule - I made one like it years ago. My stars were yellow and all the rest of the fabrics were Debbie Mumm. I think is it a pattern that would look great in many styles of fabrics- batiks would be yummy!

  4. Oh, what wonderful and beautiful quilts!! Love the dresden plat, and double wedding ring quilts!! The embroidered ones are beautiful, too!! xo Heather

  5. You want to make that quilt? Let me guess: you enjoy walking on beds of nails, kneeling down on marbles, and seeing how long you can keep your hand in a flame. ;-) WOW. That is one fantastic quilt, and I can't imagine making it. But good for you!! I love all the color. I hope that quilt is going to be in a museum.

  6. We lived in Burlington, IA for a few years, Husbands 4th Hy-Vee and I'm so jealous. Kalona is wonderful and I know the show is too. Did you shop? Love the shops, the quilts and the food, the cherry jelly. Great post.

  7. The quilt are just beautiful. I hope my quilts are around that long and still look that great.

  8. What beautiful quilts! Can you just imagine the hours and hours of love and care that went into making each of them.

  9. Thanks for sharing your quilt show! I'm with you on the Dresden Plates block - the sashing is fabulous!

  10. So pretty! I love the embroidered birds :)


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