Organizing update.

April 18, 2012

Monday I began a spring cleaning of my sewing room and a new way or organizing my scraps. Here is the update on where things stand now. 

The first decision was what type of containers to use for my scraps. The things I considered:

What size? 
Lidded or open? 
Cart with drawers?
Clear or concealed?

I decided I didn't want the bins too big, for space and potential hoarding concerns. I ended up buying the 97₵ shoe box size with lids from Target. They ended up fitting perfectly on my shelf. Lets pretend I planned it that way. =)  

Once the sorting began I realized I had more scraps than I thought I did! My pink is crammed full (no surprise there) with blue and green not too far behind. I was beginning to worry I didn't get big enough bins and then I remembered the potential hoarding issue and decided if they get too full, I will sort them out and give some away. 

For those who would want to know, I sorted my scraps this way: 
red, yellow, orange, pink, black/gray, white/cream, blue, green, brown, purple, minkey, and misc. (panels, small projects).

One thing I have been doing up to now is keeping project bags. That is, after I would finish a project, I would put the scraps for that project in a baggy. Sadly they rarely got touched again. That's something that needed to change. I emptied them and sorted into the scrap bins. It was very freeing!  =) The only time I will have project bags is when I am still working on the project. Once the project is done, the scraps get separated and put in the scrap bins. 

The closet got a makeover, too. The two bins are full miscellaneous fat quarters. I'm not fully satisfied with how they are organized, but for now it works. I don't want lids on them or I will pile stuff on top and forget what I have. 

These bins (sorry for the poor picture quality)  are full of future projects or they have themes. One bin has all my 30's fabric whether it is yardage, fat quarters or scraps. Another bin has all my sheep fabric I have collected. For now, I am not ready to split up my Simplicity collection, so it's in its own bin, as is my Fresh Palette collection. Disclaimer: If it were the right project, all these bins would be fair game to riffle through. Hoarding issue, remember? =) 

I really heart the large bins. They are commercial grade Rubbermaid food storage bins I purchased at Sam's a few years ago. They are rock solid and so wonderful! And pricey. I think I paid $15 each for them. Ouch...Now that I am on a weekly allowance, I won't be buying any more soon. I would much rather spend my mad money on fabric. Can I get a witness?

Will you be doing a spring cleaning of your crafting area this year? 


  1. Good for you!!! And I like the clear bins. How would anyone ever know what's inside if they were opaque. Kinda like my refrigerator. I have to use clear containers, and as it is I still can manage to lose things now and then. lol

    P.S. Your fabric stacks are beautiful!

  2. Clear bins are always best! It is easy to forget what you have. Amy, I just posted my first printable pattern. It's a simple pattern. Whenever or "ifever", I'd love any feedback or suggestions toward wording or editing as I work on these in the future. Your one of the few followers I have that I know is a quilter. Have a blessed day!

  3. Your fabric looks so pretty. It's so nice to be able to see what you have. I'm trying to combine an office and my sewing room right now. I have no idea what I'll do with my fabric yet.

  4. Lovely ideas for stash storage!

  5. You are so organized!! Thanks for inspiring me to get organized, too!! xo Heather

  6. Would like to say that you inspired me to sort, clean, and organize, but I'm waiting for the show "hoarders" to show up first.
    Not really :>)

  7. Looks GREAT! I hope to be doing some more organizing myself!

  8. I've been working on that "organizing" thing too... I'm using whatever containers I can find. Some are bought specifically for this purpose, some have been pulled out of the kitchen cupboards and repurposed; some containers are shoe boxes (well-labelled, so I won't forget what's in them!)
    I thought I was done - and then I found 2 more boxes of scraps....

  9. Love your organizing. One suggestion: I have my fat quarters in rubbermaid three drawer containers. I am able to put three rows of fat quarters in each drawer. (I have two of these containers). I also used the little containers for scraps and it worker really well. One thing that I want to do is label the containers as a few on mine have a couple of colors in them. Great job!

  10. That look really nice and tidy!
    And it reminds me of my crafting room, which definitly needs an cleaning!

    Your storage is inspiring! All these beautyful fabrics♥

  11. I really really wish my sewing area looked like this! I've been needing to reorganize for awhile now. I definitely need a color designated scrap bin for each color AND a box/bin where I keep everything connected with one specific project. Hopefully, now that my quilt I was working on for my friend is finished, I can actually get organized this spring. Thanks for showing us your successful is inspiring!

  12. You want to organize me? I got so tired of "the heap" (really, I'm good at organizing I just don't have room to store anything..) that I gave almost all of it away!


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