March 12, 2012

Definition: "overcome with emotion."
Pronunciation: fer-klempt
Origin: Yiddish

That would be me....

Because this young man, that God gave to me to raise....

glorified his God last night with his music....

lives were touched, hearts were changed....

I will be verklept for a long, long time....


  1. I take it, he made you proud? Congratulations to the both of you and may God continue to bless you greatly!

  2. Congratulations!! God is soo good!

  3. What a beautiful testimony of using God given talent to glorify the Lord. Congratulations, and may he use his ability for years to come.

  4. What a handsome son you have! Congratulations on a successful senior recital. I know you must be very proud. I love this "new" word. Verklempt. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Amy! What a handsome son you have there!!! You must be very proud of him! Wish I could have heard him play! That is awesome he is giving his talent and gift back to the LORD!!! ♥♥♥

  6. Let me know when his first CD comes out. I want one!!!!

  7. Let me know when his first CD comes out. I want one!!!!

  8. Handsome young man. Our babies are growing up too quickly.

  9. Wonderful!! And I'm glad to see the piano got safely hoisted onto the stage. I remember when our daughter had her violin recital, it was totally an emotional thing for me as she played the Barber Concerto. sigh. Congratulations to your son. Handsome fella, btw.

  10. Seeing our young men answering the call to glorify our Savior just leaves me ... well "verklempt" as well. So beautiful!

  11. There is nothing on this earth that can bring a Mom to "verklempt" like a child. To me, when my children succeed, it brings me the most earthly joy my heart can feel, so much more than even when I accomplish something. Treasure those moments, savor them and bring them to mind when you feel a little low. You should be so proud of your handsome, accomplished son. May God bless him in his life!

  12. Oh isn't he a cutie. So happy that he is loves God and is involved with things like this.

  13. CONGRATULATIONS to you and your son. There is nothing like giving back praise and worship to our Lord and Savior through the very talents He has given us! Music just has a way of touching our very soul!

    You have been very blessed!



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