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March 14, 2012

Spring has really sprung here in my neck of the woods and you won't hear me complain. I love Spring and I love warm weather. I fully expect my daffodils to begin to bloom this week. Maybe even tomorrow!

I began the machine quilting phase of this quilt. I am leaving the white blocks along for the hand quilting phase. I am excited to get to that part. =) 

I found the backing fabric on clearance yesterday. Gotta love that! 

And I splurged and bought a yard of Woodland Trails lamb green fabric. The whole line is adorable, but I HAD to have the lambs for sure. 

Have a great rest of the week! 


  1. Hi Amy...I love the lamby fabric! So cute! Enjoy your quilting process...I find I have to hand quilt everything, because I can't machine quilt well at all.

    I agree about naming a post. I liked my recent UP UP and Away...that was my most creative recently! LOL


  2. What a bright and cheery quilt. Love those pins!!! Where did you get them??

    blessings, jilly

  3. Even I, who has never quilted anything, would have purchased that lamb fabric. SO cute! Who doesn't like lambs? I took several photos of lambs in England and I swear they all have little smiles on their faces!

  4. Pretty, pretty! I love the little lamb fabric!


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