Happy and Sad...All at the same time...

March 17, 2012

I had a mini Christmas yesterday! Michelle and her darling hubby, Louie, were in town junkin'. We had a very enjoyable meal out together. We have so much fun with them. =) 

Michelle has such a generous heart. Look at the loot she brought over for me! Yes, pink Pyrex! Along with two cute vintage looking napkins and, on top of all that, 11 1930's fat quarters!! 


Before she left, she was showing me her loot from the day and she said that she wasn't sure she wanted to keep this sewing chest/stand. It was only out of the kindness of my heart *cough cough* that I had to take it out of her hands for her. I mean, what else could I do? 

It's perfect to store my long arm stuff in it. =)

Thanks, Shell!! 

I got the second colored blocks baby quilt pieced together. I'm still debating on a whether or not to add a boarder or just go ahead and bind it. I am leaning towards no border and binding it as it is. 

With the beautiful weather we are having, Russ and I went on a short bike ride to Mt. Vernon. It was a wee bit too windy, so the ride wasn't as enjoyable as it could have been. Still, it was nice being in the town were I grew up and seeing familiar, and not so familiar places. One big change is the old middle school, where I went to school, is now open for shops and is a community building. It was so odd to walk around and remember when I would roam the halls with my classmates. I could remember what room I was in where we had study hall and I got in trouble for *gasp* chewing gum. That was a big deal way back then. 

Moving on...I was wandering around in the antique store called Room 222, when I saw this....

It's a film can. About 8 inches in diameter. 

What is the big deal, you ask?? 

Well, the big deal is my mom painted this Kodak film can. Those are her strawberries!! There was no way I was going to leave it there. I held it up to show Russ and he simply stated, "Your mom painted that." I nodded. I can spot her style of toll painting anywhere...However, this was the first time to find something she painted in a shop. I have to admit, it shook me up a little. I was in my home town where I grew up and already the memories were swirling and then to find something of my mom there, well, it's made me feel a bit sad...

I miss my mom....

A long time ago, I used to write a meme about my memories of my mom. I think I need to go back and re-read them....Someday, but not now. 


Have a great Sunday, friends...


  1. I'm sure it was really difficult for you to take that sewing box. How wonderful that you found something your mother made. I'm sure it will find a special place in your home.

  2. That is wonderful about finding something your mom painted! I miss my mom too.

    I remember getting in trouble for gum chewing in Jr High as well. I had popped a piece in my mouth in the hall between classes and my algebra teacher saw me and ordered that I throw it away. A perfectly good piece of gum...wasted!

  3. I have my moms sewing chest that looks just like yours. I think of my mom every day, I miss her too.

  4. Love your baby quilt! I'm with you - forget the border.
    I'm so glad that you had a good time with your friends - especially when they bring you all those special goodies! You're a really good friend - helping out by taking the sewing chest. Someone had to make the sacrifice...!
    I'm glad that you found that film can, even though it was bittersweet.

  5. What a sweet friend you have. Love your new sewing box. But what is a girl to do but help her friend out. What a great story about you mom. I can just feel your emotions. I too miss my mom.

  6. What a blessing to find something your Mom painted! My Mom painted also, and I would LOVE to find something that she made. Will we ever stop missing our Moms? Still, when you stop and think of it, that is a wonderful legacy for these special women!

  7. There's an angel in heaven smiling down at you. What a wonderful gift of your mothers work. A blessing of Easter ! Take it in and enjoy his love for all !

  8. Lovely mini-Christmas. I think my aunt had one of those sewing chest.

  9. Sew glad you liked your 'little Christmas'. We really enjoyed the time we spent with you.

    I'm sorry you were sad, but glad you purchased something she painted. Maybe she wanted you to find it. Did you go across the street to PollyAnn's?

    Louie got home last night. I think he was a bit disappointed his team didn't do better, but I'm happy he's home!

    Have a great Sunday!

  10. what a genereous blessing/gift!!! wish I lived near Michelle..heheheheh
    It is so special to meet friends that we have so much in common and can share our lives with, isn't it!!

    Have a wonderful Sunday

  11. How awesome to find something your mom made!

  12. Not only finding your mom's art, but being able to purchase it, too, that was providence!! I'm so happy for you, I'm sure it was a blessing to you both. My Momma painted, and her pieces are between my house and my brother's, now ~

  13. How cool that you were able to find something your mom painted. What a surprise!

    Your baby quilt is gorgeous. I love how colorful it is!

    Yay for March Christmas! ;) What an awesome friend you have. You're lucky!

  14. Wow, where did they find those treasures? I need to shop there! As for Moms, my Mom is my best friend and I see her every single day. I can't even try to imagine my life without her. So I am sad with you and for you, because Moms are just such an important part of our lives, aren't they?

  15. How precious that you found something of your mom's in your old Junior High School building. And recognized it as her art! I understand your loss.
    Happy Spring, today!

  16. I just don't know what I would think if I saw my mother's work in a shop. That would be so disconcerting. Or disconbobolating. You are Such a Good Friend to take that box. LOL!!!


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