Baby Play Mat for The Mister

February 18, 2012

My little Mister needed a play mat for his Mimi's house. 

And Mimi (that would be me) needed a project to do last night. I found this quilt top tucked away in my sewing room. I completely forgot about it! I decided to experiment by doubling the batting, just to see what it would be like to quilt and how it would feel. 

The extra batting sure makes the quilting pop. It was more difficult to quilt in that it was stiffer than using one piece of batting so a larger quilt would be tricky to manouver. I do like the extra softness it gives, however. 

  It's a nice softness for a baby to lay on. 

 Washed, folded and waiting for the next time my little Mister comes to his Mimi's house. =) 


  1. Little Mister will love the softness and the bright colors of his play mat. I was thinking of making a quillow to make for a shower gift for a new little quy...I just might follow your idea instead! Isn't being a grandma one of God's greatest blessings?

  2. Such a cutie and the quilt is cute too. My babies are all getting bigger so I make bigger quilts enjoy him. Chris

  3. I love the bright colors and so will Little Mister. What a fun and soft place to play.

  4. It looks very baby friendly. Good job!

  5. Oh, my he is so cute!
    The blankie is very cheerful!

  6. Very sweet baby quilt and your little one is oh so cute!

  7. Darling grandbaby and very cute quilt. Grandchildren truly are one of life's sweetest blessings.

  8. Oh it is beautiful for Little the bright color's.

  9. this is adorable and I know a real joy to make for your little one!!!

  10. this is so prefect i love how soft and wonderful it looks.....cozy and comfy for him to lay on.


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