Vintage sheets duvet cover

January 25, 2012

On our trip last weekend, I found a full/queen size down comforter for $9. It was in pristine condition. Its cold here in Iowa, and to help with the heating bills I the thermostat is turned down to 60℉ at night. A comfy down comforter is welcome on our bed to keep us toasty warm. 

I dug through my vintage sheets, chose 3 pink ones that were 100% cotton (I like the crisp feel to them)  and made a duvet cover for it. I didn't have enough Velcro to use for the closure, so I chose to make ties out of the extra fabric. I like the look better. 

Not bad for just winging it. =) 


  1. Good job Amy!!! It looks wonderful!

  2. I need a duvet! Or more blankets! Our house is cold at night in CA, can't imagine Iowa!

  3. Looks pretty awesome to me! Wing away! Enjoy the warmth! :)

  4. Nice! It looks very bed and breakfast.


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