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December 29, 2011

Starting Monday, the hubz, boys and I have been busy little bees giving my kitchen a much needed update. All that's left is getting the chair rail on.

I should have taken better before pictures. This one was taken several years ago. Mitch is way taller than this now. This side of the kitchen had off white walls with the apple wall paper boarder.

A few of the walls on the other side of the kitchen had this very dark hunter green. Yes, the 90's....

A fresh coat of a light aqua paint and some bead board paneling in the process of being painted a high gloss white. 

Tonight I put a few things back. The plan is to get the corner pieces and the chair railing on tomorrow. The kitchen is so much brighter now!! Eventually I want shelving to be on the back wall up near the ceiling and on the other wall to the right to store/display my Pyrex and other things I have been collecting. 

See my new cover for my Kitchen Aid mixer? (I used the pattern by Heart of Mary.) The fabric Carrie Nelson's Fresh Palette. I'm using her line for the curtains and eventually a table cloth and/or table runner and anything else I can make as what I have in my stash lasts. Oh, and the mini dresden plate wall hanging I made needs to find it's spot. =D 

Someday a new floor and a new counter top will be added, but that's a ways away. 

This was my Christmas present and I love it....


  1. It looks GREAT! Merry Christmas!

  2. That is a great update color choice, I bet you are all smiles entering the kitchen these days!

  3. I'll bet that your food tastes better too! I REALLY like your changes - and it's so much fun working in a pretty workspace! You have such great furniture too - that definitely adds to the comfort level of the room - nicely done!

  4. Amy, Very nice! I love your choices! I bet you are super excited! Even a little change makes a big difference and improves morale! Guess what I asked for for Christmas? At the top of my list was to have a knob put on my pantry door--no kidding; it's hung ajar for a l.o.n.g. time! Yay! it's fixed! It doesn't take much to please me for sure! :)

  5. I am *in love* with your new kitchen!!
    I just love the color choice and I am swooning over your beadboard!
    Please show us when you make your table cloth. :o) I want to make one so bad! Your kitchen aid mixer cover is precious.
    Happy New Year! Trish

  6. I love the new colors. I have a log house and sometimes I wish I could paint in bright colors.

  7. Love the bead board! And that looks like a good working kitchen (with a beautiful quilted KitchenAid cover, btw).

    Have a great New Year!

  8. this looks amazing. i love the bead board! ALl your vintage pieces are so fun

  9. Amy, our whole house needs updating...be glad you have handy men in your home!! I just love you new mixer cover also!!

  10. We both got kitchen updates for Christmas. Love yours. Love mine, too. Cute cover. I need to make one for my vintage sewing machines. Maybe my bread maker, too, since I've been using it so much the last few weeks.


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