Last finishes for 2011, I think....

December 18, 2011

I am getting over a migraine, so this post will be pretty wordless and the pictures aren't the greatest. There are worse things in life than poor quality pictures or blogs posts, am I right? =) 

Finished table runner using Eleanor Burn's pattern #1276

Baby quilt for my friend Jenny. Her baby boy is due in February. 


  1. I so wish you could figure out what triggers your headaches. I feel so bad for you.

    Your quilts are awesome!! I hope you feel well enough to enjoy the holidays.

  2. I am so sorry about your migraine. Those are not fun. Do you stay away from MSG? I get them if I eat anything with MSG in it.

    Your quilt and runner are just beautiful. I love those colors for the boy quilt.

    Merry Christmas,

  3. Hope you've been able to get rid of the migraine....
    Love the soft colours of the table runner - I find Eleanor's patterns so well written. And the baby quilt - LOVE the Lily and Will fabrics, and that pinwheel is a great pattern for a little boy!

  4. Very nice finishes! Hope you feel better soon! Merry Christmas friend! :)

  5. Oh deer, I'm sorry for you. I'm living with this migraine-thing my entire life, so i know how horrible it is. Hope you have the right pills?

    Your Babyquilt is absolutly stunning. I LOVE it♥

  6. Both projects are just wonderful! I really like them. You are right no words are even needed. I love your quilting on the Eleanor Burns Runner. And I recognize the fabric on the baby quilt - Lilly and Will or something like that. I bought a jelly roll of it. And really cute, fun pattern you used for it.

  7. They are both wonderful! I really like them. Beautiful quilting on the runner - and the pattern you chose for the Lily and Will fabric is just right! Fun and cute for a baby.

  8. these are both great quilts...the boy one is nice for using the browns...glad your head ache is better!!

  9. Very pretty :)
    I am picking brains of my quilting friends.
    I am trying to find yardage of the Aunt Grace Anniversary Scotty Dog print - tiny little black dogs with red coat on a cream/white background with tiny dots. If you have some to sell or know where I may find some - please let me know.
    I love your web pictures -
    Baaa Baaa Bleat Bleat Bleat
    thank you,
    Cathy Byrd

  10. Oh, my goodness, I have to tell you just how much I love that table runner. It is so beautiful! Of course I like the baby blanket, but would love to have a table runner like that! Great job!
    Little Susie Home Maker

  11. Oh boy! I can use the great template you gave me to make a table runner like that one. I'll blog about it soon. It's been a crazy busy month.


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