November 4, 2011

How do you organize your scraps? Currently, they are sorted by color in baggies in my bucket.

I'm wondering if it would make more sense to trim them and store them by size. If so, what sizes would you suggest? Obviously 5" and 10" would be good sizes. What other sizes would be a good idea?

Or, should I give them away?

I need help....

Amy, a redeemed sheep
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  1. I wouldn't change the way they're organized. I always sort things by color. I'm still a newby to the quilting world, so I think it's exciting to build up a scrap pile for a scrap quilt in the future. I guess I'm saying, I wouldn't give them away either. ;)

  2. You are more organized than I am with scraps. The small ones, I give to my friend. She loves scraps. I even dig scraps out of the garbage after our quilt group has met for her. Scraps and garbage are not meant to mix!!!

  3. I'm with Amanda. I wouldn't change the way they're organized either. My scraps are sorted by color as well in bins on my shelf. I don't give them away so when someone comes over and we do some sewing/crafting, we always have something to pick from!

  4. Well...I'm going to give a different answer from the other commenters. I say "give them away." I'll send my address whenever you say. LOL! :)

  5. I think you're current method is fine too! I say keep them! Don't give them away unless you want to give them to me... then by all means go for it! ;) As for size... I'd hate to cut anything up unless I knew I needed it a certain size (hope that makes since). Have a wonderful weekend my friend! :)

  6. I organize mine in shoe box size rubbermaid containers. I organize by color and themes (holiday, childrens prints, homespuns, etc). Yes, I am the friend that Michelle saves her scraps for! Aren't I lucky.

  7. If the way you are currently organising your scraps, I say continue that way ... I currently put my smaller scraps (ie. smaller than 1in wide) in a small container ready to use as stuffing/filling for pincushions or scissor keeps; the larger scraps are just all mixed in the one container ... though, I haven't been doing patchwork/quilting long, so this isn't really all that big a stash ... our dress fabrics scraps are all in a much bigger bag stashed in the linen cupboard, with some organised in type of fabric ... I have seen some people cut up their smallish pieces into 2in-5in squares ready for use in a scrappy-block or HST scrappy quilt top when they have enough squares. I think it all depends on what you want to do with them ... are you likely to want to use them in a particular project or have them available to pull from when you need a small scrap of fabric for applique or piecing?!! Good luck in making your decision!

  8. I say you organize your scraps very well and neat. You should see my scrap-stash *rolleyes* its really a mess :-)

    And you should keep them. One day you can make a quilt out of them and every single piece will remind you of a former one. That will be exciting!


    P.S.: Many thanks for your congrats. Do you feel my big hug? :-)

  9. No...don't give them away! You never know in your quilting life when you will come across the perfect technique or pattern that uses scraps. And..I love the way you store them by color!

  10. i love your ideas for the scraps....i recently was given a book called stash republic that basically makes scrap quilts with the ROYGBIV you already have your scraps. recently avery sorted most of mine and i had way more than i thought.

  11. you know Amy, I am in to giving away these days. It seems that there are so many new fabrics that I want and one person just can not use everything!!!
    Recently cleaned out everything and I kept some in the back of my car and when I ran across someone I thought might enjoy them I gave them friend at the corner convenient store, SA, guild etc...they were so thankful...and now I am purchasing more and will have scraps again!!



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