All Caught up

November 1, 2011

All of my WIPs (works in progress) are done! My goal for the year was to get all the quilt tops I made last year quilted. Woot! 

Today is a perfect all day here in Iowa. It's in the 70's and sunny. Perfect picture taking day....My neighbors yard is so pretty with the colorful leaves laying on the grass. 

Don't look too closely at my almost lined up mitered corners. 

After taking a picture of the quilt, I looked up and took this picture. Beautiful orange and blue... 

I used Glide thread and magna glide bobbins on Tipsy. It went well and I will be buying it again. I had some tension issues, but after doing some research, I discovered it was all my fault. *not a big surprise* My mistake (this time, at least) was having the quilt too tight between the bars on the frame. Fortunately, the tension issues are harder to spot once the quilt has been washed and dried. 

Quilt size 83" x 75". 


  1. It's beautiful, Amy and you should treat yourself to something special. That is a big accomplishment to get all of your WIPs done in a year. I can't say that for myself! LOL

    I just love a good pinwheel quilt :)

  2. Trying not to grit my teeth over someone who actually has all their WIPs done while I stare at the stack of mine still waiting for me...sigh. But my baser self aside....Congratulations! What an achievement! You are definitely an inspiration. And the pinwheel quilt is just wonderfully cute. Love the colors and it works perfectly with the fall leaves! Too bad you can't leave it outside as a lawn decoration... :-)

  3. Absolutely beautiful! And I love the photo with the leaf shadows on it.

  4. this is so beautiful...go you for getting all your WIPs done!

  5. Congratulations on getting your goal accomplished. Your quilt looks wonderful!

  6. Congrats on finishing all your UFO's! What an accomplishment! I love this quilt! Beautiful as always! Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. Hi! That quilt is magnificent! I am speechless!!! Congratulations! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world! :)

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