Word Verification

October 23, 2011

I can't recall which blog I read it on (and I wish I did so I could give credit), but they suggested turning off the word verification option on Blogger blogs since their spam filter does a great job preventing spam from getting through. 

I have gone without word verification before and it wasn't pretty, but I figured it was worth another try....

The results? 

One spam comment in over a month. 

And that is pretty cool. =)

1 comment:

  1. I found the same thing to be true. And it is so much more convenient for everyone. Also, I noticed your button, 'Are you a No Reply Blogger?' I try to contact everyone by email when they've made a comment, so I really appreciate it when their e-mail address is activated.


I am so grateful to all of you who take the time to leave a comment!
I will respond to your comment/questions in an email unless you have your email hidden. In that case, I will reply to your comment on my blog. Also, I apologize for having to block anonymous users - too much spam was coming through.

Grace and peace to all of you!

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