My Own Gigi's Tulips

October 26, 2011

My own Gigi's Tulips quilt is finally finished. 

It has special meaning to me that I shared a bit about here when I made one almost exactly like it for my friend, Karyn.

You can't really see any of the quilting because of the busyness of the backing fabric, which isn't always a bad deal. *wink*

Which leads me to this....

After much research (and finally heading Michelle's advice) I broke down and bought the magna-glide pre-wound bobbins to try on Tipsy. I went ahead and bought a cone of thread of the same thing while I was at it, although I have heard that any type of thread will work with the bobbins. 

If it saves my sanity to spend a bit more for pre-wound bobbins then they will be well worth it. 

I'd like to try out the Glide thread and bobbins on my 1930's pinwheels quilt. I had started quilting it on my Juki so I will have to do some ripping before I can load it up on Tipsy, but I don't know if my frame is big enough. Guess I should go find out, huh? =) 


  1. This is really a very pretty quilt. Those fabrics are just so sweet:)

  2. Great quilt! Nice colors and pattern (and story behind it, too).

  3. Sweet tulips, Amy! It is so vintage, i like your choice of yellow squares for the flower centers.
    I'm sorry to hear you are still struggling to master that long arm! Too bad there isn't someone close by that could talk you through some of those struggles. You have my sympathies, truly!

  4. I love your tulips quilt :)

    Even Karen McTavish talks about liking busy backs for quilts so that they hide some of the quilting boo-boos, so you are in grand quilting company!

  5. What a beautiful tulip quilt! And I can see that there's a whole other language among quilters. :-)

  6. Cool stuff! :)
    (Pssst...I bought the quilting machine! Now I just have to figure out how to use it...)


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