Lucas and his quilt


I forgot to take a picture of Lucas' quilt after I had it all quilted. Can you believe that? And I did all the quilting on Tipsy, even....

*feeling pretty silly about now*

But I did take pictures of the quilt with baby Lucas, so that makes up for it. =) 

He is a sweetie....


  1. Your new grandson is beautiful, and so is his new quilt!!!!

  2. What a sweetie, Gramma! He is adorable dressed to match your beautiful quilt-good job on the quilting ~

  3. A beautiful blanket for a beautiful boy! Happy Sunday to you. :)

  4. Don't squeeze him to hard Grandma. He is really cute and healthy looking. The quilt is a good choice for this precious one. Chris

  5. He's just too sweet! and the quilt is great too! Congrats on all fronts!

  6. Oh he really is a sweetie!! Sooo cute!
    Your Quilting is lovely as ever. Good that you've made friends with your tipsi :-)

    Thanks for liking my yarn. And btw, you've implanted an idea in my head. So maybe there will a "Sock-Surprise" in my shop :-))

  7. you are one lucky grandma...he is precious!!! and that quilt comes in a close second to how sweet he is. love the quilting you did!

  8. Precious baby! Congratulations! The quilt is lovely. Thanks for sharing.


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