My Own Gigi's Tulips

October 26, 2011

My own Gigi's Tulips quilt is finally finished. 

It has special meaning to me that I shared a bit about here when I made one almost exactly like it for my friend, Karyn.

You can't really see any of the quilting because of the busyness of the backing fabric, which isn't always a bad deal. *wink*

Which leads me to this....

After much research (and finally heading Michelle's advice) I broke down and bought the magna-glide pre-wound bobbins to try on Tipsy. I went ahead and bought a cone of thread of the same thing while I was at it, although I have heard that any type of thread will work with the bobbins. 

If it saves my sanity to spend a bit more for pre-wound bobbins then they will be well worth it. 

I'd like to try out the Glide thread and bobbins on my 1930's pinwheels quilt. I had started quilting it on my Juki so I will have to do some ripping before I can load it up on Tipsy, but I don't know if my frame is big enough. Guess I should go find out, huh? =) 

There Is No Sin That I Have Done

October 23, 2011

One of my most favorite hymns...

The album, Merciful To Me, can be purchased at Reformed Praise

Word Verification

I can't recall which blog I read it on (and I wish I did so I could give credit), but they suggested turning off the word verification option on Blogger blogs since their spam filter does a great job preventing spam from getting through. 

I have gone without word verification before and it wasn't pretty, but I figured it was worth another try....

The results? 

One spam comment in over a month. 

And that is pretty cool. =)

Christmas baby quilts

I got these done over a week ago and just now got the pictures taken so I  could get them posted. Fall is such a busy time! The weather has been perfect for getting the gardens all put to bed for winter and some fall cleaning in the house, so I have been taking advantage of that. One of these days I will get back to my sewing room to get a few more projects finished. 

We made up

October 15, 2011

iOS 5 update

October 13, 2011

I always get nervous when there is a major update for my iDevices. Today was no exception. The long awaited  release of iOS 5 came out and I have been looking foreword to it along with many other people. 

I am able to report that my update went flawlessly in less than 45 minutes. I know many are having issues and I hope they get resolved soon. 

Did you update to iOS 5? What was your experience? 

Off to explore and learn the new features of my newly updated iPhone. =)

THE Phone, Reece's Rainbow and Cuteness

October 12, 2011

If you have been over to my other  blog, A Redeemed Sheep, you now know that my colonoscopy is over and I survived. Whew...

What I didn't share is I got a new toy out of the deal. 

I finally got my iPhone.  

L.O.V.E. I.T!

Apparently, as I was waking up, I was telling Naomi how wonderful it was and how much I loved it. I feel a wee bit sheepish that I didn't wake up talking about ow much I loved my husband and my friend for taking such good care of me. Guess they now know where they rank in my life. *silly*

I still haven't fully made up with Tipsy, but at least I don't grumble at her as I walk by. That's progress.

On to some quilting news. Saturday was the Buddy Walk. I showed my support by donating two baby quilts to my friends, Laurie and Nevin. She held a silent auction to support local families who are adopting via Reece's Rainbow. It  was a real honor to do so and I hope the families who won them are enjoying them. 

I'll end with a picture of two of my favorite little guys because they are cuteness x 1000....

Have a great day, everyone! 

The worst is the prep

Picture credit:
In case you all don't know, I am stubborn. When I dig my heels in, I am inmovable. If you get me to move, I am a.n.g.r.y. the whole way. 

Ever since I turned 50 last December, I knew a colonoscopy was expected. 

Nuh uh...No thank you...

I had my heels dug in and I was not going anywhere. If the topic was brought up, I walked away. 

More like, stomped away. 

I was scared and when I get scared, I get mad and the stubborn meter goes up a notch or ten. 

My fear/anger stepped up to a whole new level when my husband turned 50. He is one of "those" people. You know, the ones that go to the doctor faithfully every year for a check up and follows doctors orders to a "T". He made his appointment like it was no big deal.

After some tears, yelling, door slamming and looking for something to smash (yes, I am admitting this to you all) I called my friend Naomi and invited myself over. I was a wreck when I called her and I later found out that she was seriously concerned that maybe Russ had left me or something because I was that upset. When she found out I was upset because Russ had the gall to make his colonoscopy appointment for the next week, she slapped me upside the head and told me to get over it. No, not really, she is too sweet and compassionate for that, she is a nurse, after all, but I wouldn't have blamed her if she had. Naomi and I came up with a game plan to schedule my colonoscopy on one of her days off and she would go with me and hold my hand. Russ graciously postponed his colonoscopy until I got mine done. I needed to go first. I was afraid if he went first, I wouldn't go through with it. His only condition, I had to get it done by the end of this year.

Yesterday was my day...

The nurse took me to the room to get ready and she told me take off my clothes. I told her, "no." I was the first patient of the day. I figured if I was really rotten the rest of her patents that day would be a breeze. See, I was really doing her a favor. =) 

Yes, I apologized to her....And then the tears began. 

I cried like a baby as they wheeled me down the hall. The doctor needed to listen to my lungs and asked me to take a deep breath, he got sobs instead. 

I was terrified and I felt so humiliated. 

And then, the next thing I knew, I was waking up and seeing the face of my darling husband and the sweet face of my friend, Naomi.

Everyone all told me the prep was the worst part. I was sure they were all lying to me. They weren't. It was the worst part. 

Now I know.


October 7, 2011

I had a fight with Tipsy....

I have a colonoscopy coming up...

I got my hair trimmed. Bangs are too short...

I need to take a class to help Tipsy and I make up....

I am grateful for the medical advances that provide tests to catch cancer early....

My hair will grow....

I have a husband who loves me...

I have friends who care about me...

God sent His Son to die for my sins...

I really have nothing to grumble about...

Good- bye, Steve

October 5, 2011


October 2, 2011

What do you think? Does Lucas look a bit like his daddy or what?

Lucas and his quilt

I forgot to take a picture of Lucas' quilt after I had it all quilted. Can you believe that? And I did all the quilting on Tipsy, even....

*feeling pretty silly about now*

But I did take pictures of the quilt with baby Lucas, so that makes up for it. =) 

He is a sweetie....

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