Sweetly Sunkissed


Remember when I asked you all about your thoughts on this quilt? 

I was smart enough to listen to you wise ones and take the time to tear it apart to remake it. 
I am very glad I did!

The final measurement of the quilt is 38" x 38" and the fabrics used are scraps of Sunkissed by Moda left over from the Block- A- Palooza quilt along


  1. Amazing! It is gorgeous. You did have some wise counsel.

  2. I love the green! It's amazing what a change with color can do to an entire quilt. It was worth taking it apart.

  3. Yeah - it turned out beautiful! I'm glad you asked, like I said before I'm a gray girl, but that green did amazing things for this quilt and I love your quilting! Awesome!

  4. This turned out so beautifully! I love what you did with this :)

  5. The soft green is more welcoming, it was a good choice ~

  6. This quilt works so much better with the green sashing, well done.

  7. such a beautiful quilt.good work!

  8. Amy, it's so beautiful! Wow!

  9. Amazing what a difference sashing can make!! This is definitely the better choice.
    Gmama Jane

  10. It finished up lovely. Sew glad you took the grey out and added the green. Beautiful!


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