Prairie points, pinwheels and dolly dresses

September 14, 2011

I've been a busy bee getting some unfinished projects done. I have only two more to go. The pinwheel quilt is pinned and the quilting has begun. The tulip quilt is waiting. It feels good to be so close to being caught up! =)

Here are the quilts I have been working on the last week or so. 

I seriously love this quilt. 

I love every thing about it...

I love the 30's fabric, I love the pinwheels and

I love the prairie points. 

They were a bit fussy to work with to get them all evenly spaced, but it wasn't hard, so I would use them again. They really dress up the quilt.

This picture was taken after coming straight from the dryer. They all lay almost perfectly. 

Here is the back with an orphan block. 

It was quilted using my Juki and with Tipsy and measure a little over 50" x 50". 

I'm going to hang it up in my sewing room so I can enjoy it.

Next up, the dolly dresses quilt.

{Note to self: The right fabric binding choice can make a huge difference in how a quilt looks.}

I love the green polka dot binding. It frames it nicely.

  I used simple stitch in the ditch  to outline the dresses

and added just a touch of rick rack to some of them. 

Again, I used my Juki and Tipsy to quilt it and it measures 48" x 48". 

And lastly, a simple strip quilt. It measures 40" x 40". 

It was a good week to get some UFO's done and I also got some serious stash busting done, too. 


  1. Hi Amy, I love your first two quilt so much. The way you quilted them really adds to the designs too.

  2. Wow, Amy, I love them both!! Fantastic! But then again 30s are just too sweet!

  3. ewww... Amy you have had fun!!! You inspire me to make some prairie points. And that cute little doll dress quilt if so special. Did you create this yourself?

  4. Love the quilt!!! The prairie points are something I've never tried, but I think they look SO good! Wish you lived next door and could help me learn how!

  5. What beautiful projects you have finished here, I don't know which I like best, Amy! Maybe the sweet pinwheels...but definitely the great colors in those prints- they bring out the smiles! Congrats on a job well done on all three ~

  6. Those prairie points are beautiful. I love the idea of doing them in the borders. I want to try that now!

  7. I am speechless!! Really!
    Both Quilt are such beautys. I love them.
    You've done a great job :-)

  8. I LOVELOVELOVE the pinwheel quilt, and I was prepared to say I liked that best, but when I saw the doll dress quilt, OHMYGOODNESS!! HOW SWEET! Oh, I wish I had some of your motivation and energy. Our little quilt group meets Saturday. Maybe I'll find some motivation....I hope.

    Your pinwheel quilt will look AWESOME hanging in your sewing room. I LOVE the prairie points...another thing I have not tried. Have fun!

  9. I love the pinwheel quilt! All 3 quilts look so cheerful. I adore prairie points. The first quilt I ever made has them(I started it 15 yrs ago and it's still in my ufo pile, ooops).

  10. oh goodness those pinwheels are amazing....30's are my favorite fabrics

  11. Hi, Amy. I love the way you used the prairie points and the little dresses are adorable. So far, we haven't been too lucky in the Wantobe Quilter campaign, have we? But here's hoping..... (as I recall, you did win once, tho).

  12. @jsoosay Oh, be sure to give them a try. =)

  13. What fun, fun quilts! They [almost] inspire me to try my hand at quilting! they're absolutely lovely.

  14. Your quilts are beautiful!! The 30's prints always make me smile!! Great job!!

  15. Amy, these are gorgeous! How did I miss them. I think my reader may be broken?!? I thought it was just one friend I was behind on... I guess not.

  16. Sew Cute! Now that you are almost caught up, wanna help me with a few???? I have TONS waiting to be done!


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