Things are a changing

August 10, 2011

For the first time ever, this son of mine

will be going to public school. 

No, he is not excited, but he is ready. He joined the football team and is making friends before the school year begins. He is also getting his first taste of kids who are...Simply put....Not nice. 

This will be a very interesting year. 


  1. Interesting... and faith building!
    God is EVERYWHERE (even public schools;)
    I pray for good transitions for your son and yourself!

  2. I completely understand this post. Tho mine were homeschooled til college, it was an eye-opening experience to meet the "not nice" up close and personal. Different from the experience in sports, when our homeschool teams played Christian schools and other high schools. Hope all goes well!
    Jacque, a retired homeschool mom

  3. Wow! That must have been a hard decision!

    B.T.W. I support Reece's Rainbow too. I use igive. Do you? If we had more money (I mean enough to actually live off of!) I would adopt through them. I wish I could and hope someday I can.

    You must be an amazing mother to have homeschooled that long!

    Have a good night. :)


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