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August 10, 2011

Are you all enjoying the Quilters Wantobe contest over at Sew We Quilt? Can you believe the fabulous prizes? Amazing....

Here is a short and very simplified way to join in. your comment, mention your sponsor. That would be me, if you signed up with me. =)

Things have been crazy busy here and I have had no time to get to my sewing room, much less even think about writing a blog post. I shared on A Redeemed Sheep one piece of big news that has caused me great angst in the last couple of weeks and that is my youngest will be transitioning to the public high school for school this year. He was the main reason I decided to homeschool 10 years ago and to move him to the public school was a difficult...and right....decision. At least for now. 

As soon as I get this post up, I am heading upstairs to my sewing room to work on the Christmas quilt

Have a great day, everyone!!! 


  1. Hi, I'm fairly new to getting on the quilting bandwagon but found out about the wonderful prizes for quilting on another cross stitch blog. That in turn led me to your blog and I have to say that I love the colors you use! So if it's okay, I would like to use you as 1) an inspiration by following your blog and 2) as a sponsor for the Wantobe Quilter blog.

    My name is Christine, I'm from Northern California and my e-mail is

    I look forward to seeing more of your finishes and exploring your blog further.

  2. I remembered to go comment at stashmanicure today. Memory isn't my strongest attribute these days--menopause stole my already feeble brain. :-(
    We did the public school/homeschool thing backwards. Not knowing anything about homeschooling in the beginning, our kids were in public school until Junior and Senior High. Boy, did we receive some harsh criticism and persecution when we pulled them out of school! Back then (20+ years ago) it wasn't as accepted as it is today. Homeschoolers today just THINK they're considered strange! HA! I wish you and your family well. May God direct your steps.

  3. God is the author of our lives. I know that you will be guided as you make these changes in your lives.

  4. I have read pieces of your blogs over the years - I just kept losing the links. I would find it again off of the Swap...
    Thank you for posting about Sew We Quilt. And for helping me out with my problem. :-)


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