The dollar desk gets a facelift

August 29, 2011

Last summer, I bought a walnut executive desk for a dollar at the Salvation Army. This weekend I took the plunge and spruced it up.

Here is the before:

Pretty ugly....But very functional. The skirt hides the blocks I have it setting on to raise it to a 35" height to make it easier on my back for cutting fabric.

First thing Russ and I did was to solve how to get it taller without using the blocks. We stacked wood, layer by layer and shaped each layer with the router until we ended up with the legs at the right height.

Here they are, all painted and ready to be put back on the desk.

Here she is all painted in a lovely light shade of pink. Don't the legs look great!

They look pretty good together!

Up next is to get drawer pulls and I need to let it cure a bit before I get too much stuff put on top of it. It's very hard waiting though...

For those who would be interested, I used Dutch Boy Porch and Floor satin finish paint. to get the clean lines on the sides of the drawers I used Frog Tape. It worked exactly as promised. Great stuff!

~ Amy, a redeemed sheep


  1. Amy this looks great! I love that shade of pink! And yes, what a great idea for the legs. They look great!

  2. Well worth the $1... your workspace looks great!

  3. $1? Wow! You are so much braver than me, I would have been too afraid to mess it up.

  4. Looks fantastic and hopefully works well to. Great find. Chris

  5. I LOVE IT! Oh, my gosh! You and Russ did a wonderful job,and it looks like it is a set to your pink cupboard. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! Are you going to get handles to match your other piece or something different?

  6. Great job! I like the ironing table, too. Lots of storage space for you.


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