Dollar desk final reveal...

August 31, 2011

Have you seen the great knobs and drawer pulls at Hobby Lobby? They are amazing! I have been drooling over them for a couple of months, but had no reason to buy any...Until now. =)  Better yet, at my local Hobby Lobby, they are 50% off. I picked and put down several styles until I settled on these clear glass knobs. 


From this...

To this...

Pokey very wisely suggested I tally up the total for the redoing of the desk. Estimating a bit high, I would say it cost $45 which includes the paint, new paint brush and knobs. 

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  1. I Love those glass knobs. I didn't know Hobby Lobby carried them. I'm gonna have to get up to ours and check them out.

    Those really set off the whole look quite nicely too :)

  2. Ok, now i'm flashed!
    The new look from your sewingroom is so adoreable, lovley, cute :-)
    Just beautyful. I could grab i right from the pic ;-)

  3. Sweet! I got our knobs from Anthropologie, they have a nice selection, but they are never 50% off!

  4. What a nice save on this old desk. You've really made it a desirable place to work! You forgot to tell us how much the tally for paint, knobs, etc. came to, but it's worth your labor invested ~

  5. $45 was a very good price, with the end result being a beautiful piece of furniture!

  6. Wow!!!! It looks great! I love thrifty finds like this. You have a really nice craft area.

  7. OOOOOOO.......I LOVE IT! And I'm not even a pink person!

    Great job, Amy!


  8. this is great...i was just in our hobby lobby and bought a few for my littlest's dresser. ever since i was a little girl and we had huge glass door knobs that looked like giant diamonds(to me) i can not get enough of glass knobs....

  9. Sewing room remodel looks just amazing! The "new" desk is so pretty!! I love it!! Did you have to sand it before painting? Did you use a special paint or finish? I'm thinking of repainting some desks in the girls' rooms and not sure how to go about it.


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