Snickers box

June 5, 2011

Ohhhh...I have a sweet friend. Truth be told, I have a lot of sweet friends. But a particular sweet friend gave me a treasure today....

An original Snickers box.

They even put the label on the sides of the inner box.

A note from the manufacturer to the retail owner on the back.  

Do you remember when candy bars were 5¢ a bar? I do, but barely. 

Ahhh, but the real treasure is inside....

No, not a candy bar, silly...

Hexagons made with real vintage fabric. 

Look at all the pretty colors.

Under those blocks were pieces all cut and waiting to be sewn together. 

Another view after I stirred them up a bit. 

I have no idea what I will do with them. In the meantime, they will stay safe in a really cool Snickers box. 


  1. oh wow! what a treasure!!

  2. What an awesome box to have and the hexies inside are awesome!

  3. I'm guessing Russ said, "Nice...but where are the Snickers?"

  4. What a super treasure - the box AND the pieces! Those are fabrics from the early 30's. There is a considerable movement to make those hand sewn 'Grandmother's Flower Garden' quilts now, too. If you decide to make them up, there are lots of great groups of people online working on them (for example, the Great Hexagon Quilt-Along blog group:).

    Snickers is my favorite candy bar - I had no idea they were so old!

    :) linda

  5. Amy, what a treasure! Are you curious about who did them? Her life? Her quilting history? I love old quilts and old finds like this. I hope you enjoy this!

  6. Amy they are so your colors. I am sure if you study them long enough you will find a use for them. Chris

  7. can't you just imagine someone finding your UFO's in a box one day!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a joy...

  8. What a perfect box for a perfect project!

  9. way cool! I love the box AND the lovely hexies inside :) Though, I have to admit, I probably would leave them in the box...and pet them from time to time.

  10. Jackpot!!!!!

    And yes, I do remember when candy bars were 5 cents.

    blessings, jilly

  11. WOW!! Fat-free Snickers!! Whether you do anything with them or not, it is truly a special find.

  12. What a great find! What a great friend! Enjoy these.


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