Pound{s} cake

June 8, 2011

{Posted with permission}

It's been a rough week in our home. It usually is when I am down with a migraine, but it was made even more so difficult because of the extra activities that this week held...Reagan's first week of driver's ed class, Russ getting ready for his annual kayaking trip and the first Tuesday of the month which is the nursing home birthday party. Because I was non-functioning, Russ had to get the balloons, Mitchell took care of the birthday cards and the cake I was supposed to make for the party fell into Reagan's to-do list. 

Here is Reagan's "cake." 

Yes, it weighs over 6 pounds. 

That's because Reagan thought two brownie mixes would equal 1 chocolate cake. 

He gets brownie points for trying. =)

Anyone hungry? We have plenty to share. 


  1. I'm so sorry you have been feeling tough. I hope you are on the mending side of it. Do you know what causes them? Maybe you should start keeping a journal of things you eat, drink, etc and see if you can figure it out, so they can be your past.

    Did the brownies cook all the way through?

    Thinking of you, and praying for a complete headache free rest of the week!

  2. So sorry you suffer with migraines. Wasn't it nice to have willing helpers! I hope you're feeling better now. Blessings!

  3. Stupid migraines! *pout*

    Love Reagan's thought process in thinking outside the box. :D You have a great support system, Amy!

  4. Know what you mean about migraines. Awful!

    Lovin' that pound cake, however! Too funny!


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