Good-bye, trees...

June 23, 2011

Even though pine trees are not my favorite, it was still sad to see them go. 

They had a needle disease and were dying. 

When they were healthy, they provided nice privacy for the deck. Lately, they were losing so many needles it was time to remove them. They made the deck unusable because of the sharp needles that always covered the deck floor. 

I'm considering making a bench out of the stumps and place potted plants on it.

Today I'm going to power wash the deck and make it look nice again. Ugh...It's so disgusting. 


  1. So long, big beautiful pines! Scotch pines are being removed around here. It's sad to see them go. Sorry you had to lose yours. Will you replant another tree type?

  2. Fresh and new is always so refreshing. I'm sad your trees had to go, but I know you will do something really nice with your outdoor space.


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