Creativity Be Gone

June 2, 2011

Working on the garage sale has taken up most of my week, but today I had a window of time to hang out in my sewing room. 

I really want to make a stitching studio like Wendy @ Why Knot Kwilt made. Look at this adorableness! It's dreamy...

After two hours of playing with fabric, I gave up. Not one spark of creativity would show up...

I guess Wendy will have to give me hers and I will call myself Wendy from now on. That will work, don't you think?? 



  1. LOL LOL .... Oh Amy, if you only knew!!! LOL Shall I know take a picture of the real "studio" so you can see the real creative chaos??? You've done my heart wonders you blessed lady! Thank you and I'll share any time you ask :) lol

  2. You are so cute! I have to agree with you...that's one pretty cute block!

  3. That block is just darling!! Just wait...all of the sudden you'll have a huge boost of creativity! Isn't that how it works?? :-)

  4. You make me laugh...and I do love Wendy's ...I am sure you can do just as try...


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