180 days...

June 27, 2011

...until Christmas! *grin*

My Daddy bought me a layer cake of Kate Spain's 12 Days of Christmas for my birthday. I began making the blocks last winter, but other projects came along. You know the drill. 

Today, the quilt top got finished. I just might get it done by Christmas! 



  1. Amy, it's beautiful! i love anything Kate Spain!

  2. You have some great finishes, Amy! That sewing machine is so neat, with it's cabinet and WonDerFuL price tag, too! Enjoy creating on it ~

  3. Did you mention Christmas in this post lol too funny..well this is wonderful..I love the turquoise background..you are good Amy...real good

  4. Hi, Amy~

    BEAUTIFUL quilt top! The colors work so well together!


  5. Love that quilt it looks great witht the turquoise background. I was going to buy some of that fabric but never did, after seeing your lovely work, might try my luck.

  6. I love this fabric - it's been one of my favorites this year. I haven't seen it put together like this before but it's just wonderful - that blue just sparkles! blessings, marlene

  7. Love this quilt! It's so different from the traditional red-and-green Christmas quilt! Refreshing!


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