180 days...

June 27, 2011

...until Christmas! *grin*

My Daddy bought me a layer cake of Kate Spain's 12 Days of Christmas for my birthday. I began making the blocks last winter, but other projects came along. You know the drill. 

Today, the quilt top got finished. I just might get it done by Christmas! 


Singer 15-91

June 25, 2011

Fair warning: spending time Michelle  will make you want to rescue sewing machines. 

Case in point...Russ found this little lady was at Goodwill the other night with a price tag of $15. After a wee bit of research, Russ and I discovered we found a Singer 15-91. 15-91's are gear driven and not belt driven. She has what is called a "potted motor." This particular machine was born in 1949. More information on the SInger 15-91's can be found on Sew Classic Blog

As you can see, the cord was in terrible shape. Not too surprising with it being over 60 years old. I confess, I did plug it in to see if the machine worked. It ran beautifully. When I went to unplug it, the sparks flew from the plug and exploded. I never claimed to have common sense and am grateful my house didn't catch fire. Lesson learned....

During the cleaning time, the black plastic that was on the wires crumbled off and made a huge black mess. Clearly, the whole thing needed to be rewired. 

This is where Russ, my personal electrical tech comes in the picture. 

He began some work on it last night and is making more progress today. It will be a sweet machine when it's all fixed up and oiled. 

And, no, I am not going to begin collecting machines. 

Although, a featherweight would be sweet....


Good-bye, trees...

June 23, 2011

Even though pine trees are not my favorite, it was still sad to see them go. 

They had a needle disease and were dying. 

When they were healthy, they provided nice privacy for the deck. Lately, they were losing so many needles it was time to remove them. They made the deck unusable because of the sharp needles that always covered the deck floor. 

I'm considering making a bench out of the stumps and place potted plants on it.

Today I'm going to power wash the deck and make it look nice again. Ugh...It's so disgusting. 

~ Charming Stars ~

June 21, 2011

Another unfinished object to check off my list. =) 

Charming Stars pattern created by Little Lady Patchwork

I chose to do echo and straight line quilting. I love how it turned out. =)

A New Old Lamp

June 19, 2011

New old lamp...

New old shade...

Shade recovered using this tutorial. 

My new old lamp all lit up. 


Thrift Store Shop Hop

Yesterday, I spent the day with my blogging friend, Michelle @ Life with Lou in her town, where she took me to all her favorite thrift stores. 

First, she handed me a box full of gifts for me. Here are two of the treasures that were inside the box...

There is another sheep that needs a home, a pink ceramic basket and a fat quarter bundle of vintage sheets. =D 

Thanks, Michelle!!

These are just a few of the treasures I brought home last night....Michelle spotted this beauty on the shelf and allowed me to buy it. The bottom plate is in perfect condition. She is going to be put to use, for sure!

I  love pretty glassware. This blue is my favorite color....

Next up, a romantic little lamp. 

It was filthy, but cleaned up so nicely. I paid $2.50 for it. 

The plan is to recover this lamp shade I found at Goodwill using this tutorial for the lamp. Maybe I'll get to it today. We'll see. 

Gotta run and get ready for church! I get to be with the babies, today. =)

A finish, a do-over and a baby gift....

June 16, 2011

My honey is on his annual kayaking trip, so I have been very busy in my sewing room. 

A) to keep me busy to pass the time 


B) to keep the depression/anxiety away. 

Before I had quilting in my life, I would movie binge. I must say, it's more fun to have something to show for my time. =)

Ok...Show and Tell time. I made this 40" x 32" quilt  top over a year ago using Lady Harvatine's pattern.
The backing was a wild curtain I found at Goodwill a couple of weeks ago. It was perfect for this bright quilt. I have more of it left, so it will pop up in another project eventually. 

Baby Myrna's quilt. She is several weeks old, so I need to get it to her! 

Love the sweet and sassy girls. 

My do-over and I am ashamed to say, I didn't take before pictures. This was one of my very first quilts. The binding was terrible and I wasn't thrilled with the quilting. I removed all the stitching and redid it with simple straight lines. At the last second, I decided to add some applique flowers. 

Now I really like it! 

A Finish....Block-A-Palooza

June 13, 2011

It is finished and I love it! 

I did the straight line quilting on Miss Juki and the rest of the quilting on Tipsy. 

I love the back....

Pound{s} cake

June 8, 2011

{Posted with permission}

It's been a rough week in our home. It usually is when I am down with a migraine, but it was made even more so difficult because of the extra activities that this week held...Reagan's first week of driver's ed class, Russ getting ready for his annual kayaking trip and the first Tuesday of the month which is the nursing home birthday party. Because I was non-functioning, Russ had to get the balloons, Mitchell took care of the birthday cards and the cake I was supposed to make for the party fell into Reagan's to-do list. 

Here is Reagan's "cake." 

Yes, it weighs over 6 pounds. 

That's because Reagan thought two brownie mixes would equal 1 chocolate cake. 

He gets brownie points for trying. =)

Anyone hungry? We have plenty to share. 

Snickers box

June 5, 2011

Ohhhh...I have a sweet friend. Truth be told, I have a lot of sweet friends. But a particular sweet friend gave me a treasure today....

An original Snickers box.

They even put the label on the sides of the inner box.

A note from the manufacturer to the retail owner on the back.  

Do you remember when candy bars were 5¢ a bar? I do, but barely. 

Ahhh, but the real treasure is inside....

No, not a candy bar, silly...

Hexagons made with real vintage fabric. 

Look at all the pretty colors.

Under those blocks were pieces all cut and waiting to be sewn together. 

Another view after I stirred them up a bit. 

I have no idea what I will do with them. In the meantime, they will stay safe in a really cool Snickers box. 

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