What is this? ~ Update!

May 19, 2011

I think Gail, who is anonymous, has figured out the mystery! It's a stocking darner like the one found here. Way cool! Thanks, Gail!!

Casey bought me a sewing chest at a garage sale and inside of it was this thing...

The spring comes off and the hooks move. 

What in the world is it? Does anyone know??


  1. hmmm......... maybe use it to fill a down pillow? looks like you'd use it to "fill" something.

  2. Interesting but no clue here!

  3. It is for bad little sewers who don't keep a 1/4 inch seam.

  4. I peeked in to see if somebody knew. Just think, some one knew it was such an important item, they had it developed and produced (it doesn't look like there is only one of it, with the metal used, I mean).
    Hmm, very interesting....

  5. I think it could be a vintage sock darner, it looks a little like the one on this site www.april1930s.com/html/singer_stocking_darner.html.

  6. I'm wondering if it is a very old embroidery hoop, or quilting hoop.....

  7. I found it!!!! It's a Singer (Simanco) stocking darner. Copy and paste the link below.


    Also, here is a link. It says it is rare, and selling for $50!


    Woo hoo! You have a treasure!!!!

  8. never seen anything like it...way cool, i was thinking some kind of knitting thingamig lol


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